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Trends in air travel inequality in the UK: From the few to the many?


Aid Fragmentation and Corruption

Scheming and Re-scheming: Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Use and Re-use of Resources

Farrall, Stephen; Karstedt, Susanne: Respectable Citizens: Shady Practices: The Economic Morality of the Middle Classes

Multi-level analysis of environmental disclosure by Brazilian and German firms

Relational analysis and the ethnographic approach: constructing preschool childhood

Unpacking the Complexity of Gender Integration in the U.S. Military Using Discourse Analysis: The Case of Servicewomen’s Talk Around Having to Prove Themselves

Christianity on display: a semiotic study of two museums of world religions (Glasgow, Taipei)

The Chinese are Here: Import Penetration and Firm Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Passenger rail station safety improvement and analysis of end-of-track collisions based on systems-theoretic accident modeling and processes (STAMP)

Effect of nano-metakaolinite clay on the performance of cement-based materials at early curing age

How ISIS represented enemies as ineffectual in Dabiq: A multimodal critical discourse analysis

Post-Soviet Civil Society in Transition: Leftist Social Movements in Lithuania

Assessment and Forecast of Operating Efficiency of Power Generation Industry in the Context of Electricity Marketization

Impact of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime on Japan’s Non-Nuclear Policy, 1965-1976

Transition II

Netflix fictional feature film originals: an analysis of release strategies

Accident Study Based on Smeed’s Model: A Case Study of Yelhanka

Enfoques y problemáticas teórico-metodológicos de los estudios migratorios sobre Iberoamérica: el caso de la emigración catalana a Paraguay (1870–1932)

Negative Representation of Assad’s Regime in CNN Online Articles

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Micro Level Analysis 마이크로 레벨 분석

Micro Level Analysis 마이크로 레벨 분석
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