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GAN Based Noise Generation to Aid Activity Recognition when Augmenting Measured WiFi Radar Data with Simulations

Utilization of Micro-Doppler Radar to Classify Gait Patterns of Young and Elderly Adults: An Approach Using a Long Short-Term Memory Network

Synthesis of Micro-Doppler Signatures of Human Activities From Different Aspect Angles Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Electromagnetic Waves Absorption Experiment on A Human Body with 2.45 GHz Directional Antenna

Radar-Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Spiking Neural Networks

The accuracy and predictability of micro Doppler radar signature projection algorithm measuring functional movement in NCAA athletes.

Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Micro-Doppler Radar Signatures Using Hidden Gauss–Markov Models

Generative Adversarial Network for Radar-Based Human Activities Classification with Low Training Data Support

RadarSpecAugment: A Simple Data Augmentation Method for Radar-Based Human Activity Recognition

Micro-Doppler Radar Gait Measurement to Detect Age- and Fall Risk-Related Differences in Gait: A Simulation Study on Comparison of Deep Learning and Gait Parameter-Based Approaches

Augmenting Experimental Data with Simulations to Improve Activity Classification in Healthcare Monitoring

Moving target S-Band radar data for Doppler and micro-Doppler analysis using a scale-model helicopter measured in a 100GHz compact radar range

Unsupervised Doppler Radar Based Activity Recognition for e-Healthcare

Portable Micro-Doppler Radar with Quadrature Radar Architecture for Non-Contact Human Breath Detection

Radar-based Gait Classification of Elderly Non-Fallers and Multiple Fallers Using Machine Learning

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Micro Doppler Radar 마이크로 도플러 레이더

Micro Doppler Radar 마이크로 도플러 레이더
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