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Mg Content sentence examples within leaves contribute relatively

Using artificial neural network in predicting the key fruit quality of loquat

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The effects of the post-annealing with a Zn cap on the structural and electrical properties of sol-gel derived MgxZn1−xO films

Composition adjustment verifies structure-property correlation in narrow-band green-emitting Zn4-Mg B6O13: Mn2+ phosphor

Mg Content sentence examples within High Mg Content

Enhanced ductility and strength in a cast Al–Mg alloy with high Mg content

Morphometric and Nutritional Characterization of the Main Spanish Lentil Cultivars

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Proximate Composition, In vitro Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Adansonia digitata and Belanites aegyptiaca Seeds

Sluggish precipitation strengthening in Al–Li alloy with a high concentration of Mg

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Solar-Blind Photodetector with Lower Dark Current and Higher Ilight/Idark Ratio Based on Mg0.38Zn0.62O Film Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition Method.

Mineralogical Indicators of Climate Changes in Southwestern Siberia in Holocene Sediments of Bolshie Toroki Lake

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Effect of the Addition of High Li Concentration on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al–Mg–Si Alloys with Different Mg Contents

Achieving high damping and excellent ductility of Al Mg alloy sheet by the coupling effect of Mg content and fine grain structure

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Early Ediacaran two-mica granites marking the contractional stage of the brasiliano orogeny in the Pernambuco-alagoas domain, NE Brazil

Whole rock and tectonic setting of gneisses from the eastern Salmas (west of Urmia lake), NW Iran

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Quality of heavy metal-contaminated soil before and after column flushing with washing agents derived from municipal sewage sludge.

Changes in Soil Chemical Properties of Rice Paddy, Upland Field, and Greenhouse in Incheon from 2015 to 2019

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DC and AC Conductivity, Biosolubility and Thermal Properties of Mg-Doped Na2O–CaO–P2O5 Glasses

Microstructural and optical properties of high-quality Mg–Zn oxide thin films

Investigation of Thermophysical Properties of Zr-Based Metallic Glass-Polymer Composite

Correlation Analysis of Mineral Element Content and Sensory Quality of National Geographical Sign Product--Olecranon Peaches in Lianping

Characterization of AA7075/AA5356 gradient transition zone in an electron beam wire-feed additive manufactured sample

Physiological Response to Short-Term Magnesium Deficiency in Banana Cultivars

The Elemental Compositionin Aboveground and Underground Organs of Some Agropyron Species Grown in Different Salt Concentrations

Prediction of loquat soluble solids and titratable acid content using fruit mineral elements by artificial neural network and multiple linear regression

An additively manufactured Al-14.1Mg-0.47Si-0.31Sc-0.17Zr alloy with high specific strength, good thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance

Crystallization Process, Structure and Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption Properties of MgxNi10 (x = 20.5-26.5) Alloys with Hypereutectic Composition

Statement on additional scientific evidence in relation to the essential composition of total diet replacement for weight control

Synthesis and Characterization of Undoped and Magnesium Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Impact of Dietary Humic Substances Supplementation on Selected Minerals in Muscles of Broiler Chickens

Influence of Mineral Supplementation on the Composition of Goat Milk.

Concentrations of Ca, Mg, P, Prostaglandin E2 in Bones and Parathyroid Hormone; 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3; 17-β-estradiol; Testosterone and Somatotropin in Plasma of Aging Rats Subjected to Physical Training in Cold Water

The Mina Justa Iron Oxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) Deposit, Peru: Constraints on Metal and Ore Fluid Sources

Evidence for magnesium–phosphorus synergism and co-limitation of grain yield in wheat agriculture


Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus in spilanthol and phenolic compound yield in jambu plants

Comparative analysis of pomegranates harvested from an organic orchard and a conventional one irrigated with treated wastewater

Optical Properties of Magnesium-Zinc Oxide for Thin Film Photovoltaics

Preparation and characterization of porous NiTi alloys synthesized by microwave sintering using Mg space holder

Responses of Photosynthetic Performance of Sugar Beet Varieties to Foliar Boron Spraying

Effect of Mg content on microstructure and properties of Zn-Al-Cu Alloy

Влияние концентрации примеси магния на электрические свойства кристаллов LiNbO-=SUB=-3-=/SUB=-

Geological position and mineral composition of kyanite amphibolites of the Chupinskiy paragneiss belt (Belomorian province of Eastern Fennoscandia)

A low-cost prototype optical sensor to evaluate water, macro and micro elements of turfgrass clippings

Limestone Quarry Waste Promotes the Growth of Two Native Woody Angiosperms


Determination of elemental distribution and evaluation of elemental concentration in single Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells using single cell-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry.

Short-Term Effects of Biosolid Application on Two Mediterranean Agricultural Soils and Durum Wheat Yield

Growth and Investigation of Annealing Effects on Ternary Cd1−xMgxO Nanocomposit Thin Films

Effects of Biochar and AM Fungi on Growth, Mineral Elements and Cadmium Uptake of Mulberry under Cadmium Stress

Ca and Mg Concentrations in Spices and Growth of Commonly Sporulated and Non-Sporulated Food-Borne Microorganisms According to Marketing Systems

Release and sedimentation behaviors of biochar colloids in soil solutions.

Mineralchemistry, mineralogy and behavior of trace and rare earth elements of tourmaline in pegmatites of Tashina area in North of Serkan, Hamedan province

Role of Zn and Mg substitutions on the mechanical behaviour of biomimetic hydroxyapatite and insight of the emergence of hydroxyapatite-ZnO nanocomposite

Composted palm waste as an alternative of coco peat in growing media: effects on growth and nutritional status of Lily cut flower (Lilium spp.)

[Effects of Wheat Straw-derived Biochar Application on Soil Carbon Content Under Different Tillage Practices].

Nutritional and Biochemical Quality Assessment of Commonly Consumed Jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana L.) Varieties Available in Bangladesh

Geochemistry and paleogeographic implications of Permo-Triassic metasedimentary cover from the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps)

Mineralogy of the deep lower mantle in the presence of H2O

A high magnesium concentration in citrate dialysate prevents oxidative stress and damage in human monocytes in vitro

In-situ constructing nanostructured magnesium ferrite on steel slag for Cr(VI) photoreduction.

Effect of marketable age on proximate composition and nutritional profile of breast meat from Cherry Valley broiler ducks

Effects of Mg Content on Electric and Mechanical Properties of Al-Zn-Cu Based Alloys.

Improvement of electrochemical performance of Mn-Fe based compound Na0.69Mn(0.92−x)Fe0.08MgxO2


Cerium Effect on the Phase Composition and Crystallization Behavior of Aluminum Casting Alloys Based on the Al–Mg–Si System

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Mg Content 마그네슘 함량

Mg Content 마그네슘 함량
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