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Production and Utilization of Hydrogen Carriers by Using Supported Nickel Catalysts

Utilization of Two-Stage Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Units for CHF3/CHClF2 Separation and Recovery

K2S2O8 mediated synthesis of 5-aryldipyrromethanes and meso-substituted A4-tetraarylporphyrins

Understanding the mechanisms behind natural bioactive compounds that can potentially reduce methane production in anaerobic conditions. A case study of Asparagopsis taxiformis

Process Intensification of 2,2′-(4-Nitrophenyl) Dipyrromethane Synthesis with a SO3H-Functionalized Ionic Liquid Catalyst in Pickering-Emulsion-Based Packed-Bed Microreactors

Integration between Biomass Gasification and High-Temperature Electrolysis for Synthetic Methane Production


Chlorination of a Zeolitic-Imidazolate Framework Tunes Packing and van der Waals Interaction of Carbon Dioxide for Optimized Adsorptive Separation.

A hydrogen dependent geochemical analogue of primordial carbon and energy metabolism

Microbial community development on different cathode metals in a bioelectrolysis enhanced methane production system

Integration of Reversible Solid Oxide Cells with methane synthesis (ReSOC-MS) in grid stabilization

Theoretical Modeling of methane production in pressurized micro-tubular R-SOFC

Integration of reversible solid oxide cells with methane synthesis (ReSOC-MS) in grid stabilization: A dynamic investigation

Bimetallic Metal Organic Frameworks as Magnetically Separable Heterogeneous Catalysts and Photocatalytic Dye Degradation.

A comparative assessment of power-to-fuel production pathways

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Methane Synthesis 메탄 합성

Methane Synthesis 메탄 합성
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