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Abstract PS19-18: Metformin exhibits cytotoxicity effects on triple-negative cancer cells via TRAIL-mediated apoptosis

Effect of Metformin, Glibenclamide, Sitagliptin and their Combinations on Male Rats Fertility

Metformin suppresses self‐renewal and stemness of cancer stem cell models derived from pluripotent stem cells

Metformin modulates microbiota-derived inosine and ameliorates methamphetamine-induced anxiety and depression-like withdrawal symptoms in mice

Metformin Modifies the Gut Microbiota of Mice Infected with Helicobacter pylori

Metformin exhibited anticancer activity by lowering cellular cholesterol content in breast cancer cells

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Metformin Exhibits 메트포르민 전시

Metformin Exhibits 메트포르민 전시
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