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Design and Construction of Functional Supramolecular Metalloprotein Assemblies.

Copper-zinc alloy electrodeposition mediated by triethanolamine as a complexing additive and chemical dealloying

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Research progress on the clinical application and improvement of surgical template for dental implant

Controlling bacteria retention on polymer via replication of laser micro/nano textured metal mould

Potential Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions by Eugenol Compounds and Derivatives through Ion Imprinted Polymer

Cu(ii) templated formation of [n]pseudorotaxanes (n = 2, 3, 4) using a tris-amino ether macrocyclic wheel and multidentate axles.

Superhydrophobicity and anti-icing of CF/PEEK composite surface with hierarchy structure

Aqueous Synthesis of 14-15-Membered Crown Ethers with Mixed O, N and S Heteroatoms: Experimental and Theoretical Binding Studies with Platinum-Group Metals.

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Metal Template 금속 템플릿

Metal Template 금속 템플릿
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