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The concentration and origins of carboxylic acid groups in oil paint

Toward a Complete Molecular Model for the Formation of Metal Soaps in Oil Paints

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Photoluminescence Micro-imaging Sheds New Light on the Development of Metal Soaps in Oil Paintings

A computational model for chemo-mechanical degradation of historical oil paintings due to metal soap formation

Metal Soap sentence examples within metal soap degradation

Metal Soaps in Art: Conservation and Research

A Brief History of Metal Soaps in Paintings from a Conservation Perspective

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Drying Oil and Natural Varnishes in Paintings: A Competition in the Metal Soap Formation

The kinetics of metal soap crystallization in oil polymers.

Formation of Metal Soaps In Oil Paintings Under Variable Environmental Conditions

Fatty Acids and Their Metal Salts: A Review of Their Infrared Spectra in Light of Their Presence in Cultural Heritage

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy: From Principles to Nanoscale Imaging and Identification of Metal Soaps

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Comparison of Liquid Product Characteristics of PFAD Metal Soap Decarboxylation by Batch and Continuous Process

Identification and Distribution of Metal Soaps and Oxalates in Oil and Tempera Paint Layers in Fifteenth-Century Altarpieces Using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques

Revealing the distribution of metal carboxylates in oil paint from the micro- to nanoscale.

The Influence of Metal Stearates on the Water Sensitivity of Modern Oil Paints

Aging of Natural Resins in Presence of Pigments: Metal Soap and Oxalate Formation

Saponification in egg yolk-based tempera paintings with lead-tin yellow type I

An exploratory study for the noninvasive detection of metal soaps in paintings through optical coherence tomography

Infrared chemical mapping of degradation products in cross-sections from paintings and painted objects

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Production of Sustainable Diesel via Decarboxylation of Palm Stearin Basic Soaps

Investigation of mineralization products of lead soaps in a late medieval panel painting.

Taking Different Forms: Metal Soaps in Paintings, Diagnosis of Condition, and Issues for Treatment

Factors Affecting the Reactivity of Zinc Oxide with Different Drying Oils: A Vibrational Spectroscopy Study

Analysis of Modern Paints and Conservation at the Clyfford Still Museum

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Metal Soap 금속 비누

Metal Soap 금속 비누
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