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Metal Release sentence examples within Heavy Metal Release

Characteristics of Heavy Metal Migration In Farmland

The Occurrence of Lead in Animal Source Foods in Iran in the 2010s Decade: A Systematic Review.

Metal Release sentence examples within Trace Metal Release

Sedimentary cycling and benthic fluxes of manganese, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc and cadmium in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone

Lichen, moss and peat control of C, nutrient and trace metal regime in lakes of permafrost peatlands.

Metal Release sentence examples within Significant Metal Release

Towards Bioleaching of a Vanadium Containing Magnetite for Metal Recovery

Long-term use of noble metal alloy coated urinary catheters reduces recurrent CAUTI and decreases proinflammatory markers

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Metal Release sentence examples within Subsequent Metal Release

Environmental and health hazards of military metal pollution.

Prediction of the environmental behavior of residues from the passive treatment of acid mine drainage

Metal Release sentence examples within Low Metal Release

Unraveling the multiple roles of Ag species incorporation into OMS-2 for efficient catalytic ozonation: Structural properties and mechanism investigation

Enhanced catalytic ozonation towards oxalic acid degradation over novel copper doped manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves nanorods.

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Characteristics of Heavy Metal Migration In Farmland

Experimental study of epidote dissolution rates from pH 2 to 11 and temperatures from 25 to 200 °C

Dynamics of trace metals with different size species in the Pearl River Estuary, Southern China.

A novel methodology to study antimicrobial properties of high-touch surfaces used for indoor hygiene applications—A study on Cu metal

Metagenome-assembled genomes infer potential microbial metabolism in alkaline sulphidic tailings

Corrosion mechanisms of magnetic microrobotic platforms in protein media

The Effect of the Moroccan Salvadora Persica Extract on the Corrosion Behavior of the Ni–Cr Non-precious Dental Alloy in Artificial Saliva

Structure and ion-release mechanism of PIB-4-type ATPases

Perchlorate and Agriculture on Mars

Metal stable isotopes in transplanted oysters as a new tool for monitoring anthropogenic metal bioaccumulation in marine environments: The case for copper.

Survey of six metal contaminants and impurities and eleven metals and alloy components released from stainless-steel sheets on the Chinese market.

Life cycle environmental and economic assessment of highly efficient carbon-based CO2 adsorbents: A comparative study

Adsorption of Horseradish Peroxidase on Metallic Nanoparticles: Effects on Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Using 2′,7′-Dichlorofluorescin Diacetate

Metal Ion Release from Engineered Stone Dust in Artificial Lysosomal Fluid—Variation with Time and Stone Type

Evaluation of impact of sludge types and solids content on sludge treatment using microwave enhanced advanced oxidation process.

Sulfide oxidation, chemical partitioning and environmental availability of iron and trace elements in abandoned mine wastes affecting a coastal wetland ecosystem.

Metal bioaccessibility in synthetic body fluids – A way to consider positive and negative alloying effects in hazard assessments

Fretting Corrosion, Third-Body Polyethylene Damage, and Cup Positioning in Primary vs Revision Dual Mobility Total Hip Arthroplasty.

Reutilization of pyrite-rich alkaline leaching tailings as sorbent must consider the interplay of sorption and desorption


Procedure optimization of type 304 and 420B stainless steels release in acetic acid

In-situ growing protective Cr-substituted goethite film on iron shavings (Fe0) as efficient catalytic ozonation catalysts: A comparative study

Functionalization of Orthodontic Alloys with DLC Coatings

Enhanced release of palladium and platinum from catalytic converter materials exposed to ammonia and chloride bearing solutions.

Effect of austenitising heat treatment on microstructure and properties of a nitrogen bearing martensitic stainless steel

Sol-Gel Fabricated Tio₂ Coating on Titanium Surface Promoted In Vitro Osteoblasts Differentiation.

The role of Sn on the long-term atmospheric corrosion of binary Cu-Sn bronze alloys in architecture

Tribocorrosion of a CoCrMo alloy sliding against articular cartilage and impact of metal ion release on chondrocytes.

Mechanisms of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions to Hip Implants

Evaluation of heavy metal leachability of incinerating recycled aggregate and solidification/stabilization products for construction reuse using TCLP, multi-final pH and EDTA-mediated TCLP leaching tests.

Transmembrane helix 6b links proton and metal release pathways and drives conformational change in an Nramp-family transition metal transporter

Effects of dissolved oxygen, salinity, nitrogen and phosphorus on the release of heavy metals from coastal sediments.

Surfactant Availability of Metals

Mechanistic insight on the combined effect of albumin and hydrogen peroxide on surface oxide composition and extent of metal release from Ti6Al4V

CoCrMo metal release in metal-on-highly crosslinked polyethylene hip implants.

Transmembrane helix 6b links proton- and metal-release pathways to drive conformational change in an Nramp transition metal transporter

Benthic hypoxia in anthropogenically-impacted rivers provides positive feedback enhancing the level of bioavailable metals at sediment-water interface.

Metal concentrations in electronic cigarette aerosol: Effect of open-system and closed-system devices and power settings.

Cytokine Profile in Patients with Aseptic Loosening of Total Hip Replacements and Its Relation to Metal Release and Metal Allergy

Heavy metal dissolution mechanisms from electrical industrial sludge.

Predicting the Benefits of Mine Water Treatment under Varying Hydrological Conditions using a Synoptic Mass Balance Approach.

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Metal Release 금속 릴리스

Metal Release 금속 릴리스
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