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Metal Phosphides sentence examples within hydrogen evolution reaction

CoP/Ni2P heteronanoparticles integrated with atomic Co/Ni dual sites for enhanced electrocatalytic performance toward hydrogen evolution

Direct Synthesis of Molybdenum Phosphide Nanorods on Silicon Using Graphene at the Heterointerface for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within oxygen evolution reaction

Interfacial engineering of CeO2 on NiCoP nanoarrays for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution

Etching oxide overlayers of NiFe phosphide to facilitate surface reconstruction for oxygen evolution reaction

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within high theoretical capacity

Freestanding trimetallic Fe-Co-Ni phosphide nanosheet arrays as an advanced electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors.

Two-Phase Transition Induced Amorphous Metal Phosphides Enabling Rapid, Reversible Alkali-Metal Ion Storage.

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Metal Phosphides sentence examples within nitrogen doped carbon

Correction: Co–Mo–P carbon nanospheres derived from metal–organic frameworks as a high-performance electrocatalyst towards efficient water splitting

A review on metal-organic framework-derived anode materials for potassium-ion batteries.

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within high theoretical specific

CuP2 as high-capacity and long-cycle-life anode for potassium-ion batteries

Inverse capacity growth and progressive lithiation of SnP-semifilled carbon nanotubes anodes

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within lithium ion battery

Cobalt phosphide nanoparticles grown on Ti3C2 nanosheet for enhanced lithium ions storage performances

The cutting-edge phosphorus-rich metal phosphides for energy storage and conversion

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within noble metal free

In situ transformation of sea urchin-like NixCoyP@NF as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting

Potential Co-catalyst application of novel M3P2 (M=Zn, Cd) in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction from water splitting

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within large theoretical capacity

Porous CoP@RGO with pseudocapacitance characteristics for lithium ion storage

Tailoring nanostructured transition metal phosphides for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within Transition Metal Phosphides

Facile construction of mesoporous carbon enclosed with NiCoPx nanoparticles for desirable Pt-based catalyst support in methanol oxidation

MOFs template derived Co/Fe binary phosphide nanocomposite embedded in ternary-doped carbon matrix for efficient water splitting

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within Ternary Metal Phosphides

Core-Shell-Structured Prussian Blue Analogues Ternary Metal Phosphides as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for OER and HER.

Boron nitride supported NiCoP nanoparticles as noble metal-free catalyst for highly efficient hydrogen generation from ammonia borane

Metal Phosphides sentence examples within metal phosphides electrocatalyst

Fe-Doped CoP holey nanosheets as bifunctional electrocatalysts for efficient hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions

Porous N, P co-doped carbon-coated ultrafine Co2P nanoparticles derived from DNA: An electrocatalyst for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction

Structural dependence of electrosynthesized cobalt phosphide/black phosphorus pre-catalyst for oxygen evolution in alkaline media.

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Cathode Design: Tailoring Metal-Based Nanostructures for Robust Polysulfide Adsorption and Catalytic Conversion.

O Doping Hierarchical NiCoP/Ni2P Hybrid with Modulated Electron Density for Efficient Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

In-situ transformational mycelium-like metal phosphides-encapsulated carbon nanotubes coating on the stainless steel mesh as robust self-supporting electrocatalyst for water splitting

Facile synthesis of Ni5P4 nanosheets/nanoparticles for highly active and durable hydrogen evolution

Fabrication of Sugar-Coated CoNi2S4/Ni3P Nanostructure with Ultrahigh Electrochemical Performance for Supercapacitor Application

Single-Crystalline Metallic Films Induced by van der Waals Epitaxy on Black Phosphorus

Intimately coupled MoP nanocrystalline@carbon nanosheets-assembled hierarchical mesoporous nanospheres for high-performance sodium-ion storage

Understanding the Reduction of Transition-metal Phosphates to Transition-metal Phosphides by Combining Temperature-programmed Reduction and Infrared Spectroscopy.

Design of task-specific metal phosphides for the sustainable manufacture of advanced biofuels

Effect of phosphorus precursor on the catalytic performance of metal phosphides in the methanation of syngas

Phosphatized mild-prepared-NiCo LDHs cabbage-like spheres exhibit excellent performance as a supercapacitor electrode

Self-Templated Formation of Fluffy Graphene-Wrapped Ni5P4 Hollow Spheres for Li-Ion Battery Anodes with High Cycling Stability.

Rodenticide-induced acute liver failure - Uncommon presentation of commonly available poison.

Recent Advances in Multimetal and Doped Transition-Metal Phosphides for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction at Different pH values.

Microstructure Controlled Synthesis of Ni, N-codoped CoP/Carbon Fiber Hybrids with Improving Reaction Kinetics for Superior Sodium Storage

Metal-Rich Porous Copper Cobalt Phosphide Nanoplates as a High-Rate and Stable Battery-Type Cathode Material for Battery–Supercapacitor Hybrid Devices

Coating of Phosphide Catalysts on p-Silicon by a Necking Strategy for Improved Photoelectrochemical Characteristics in Alkaline Media.

Recent progress and prospects in anode materials for potassium-ion capacitors

Bimetallic Phosphides for Hybrid Supercapacitors.

Bimetallic Phosphides as High-Efficient Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation.

Quaternary-metal phosphide as electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution

Mini Review Review of Hierarchical Hybrid Supports and Synthesis Strategies for Hydrodesulfurization of Recalcitrance Organosulfur Compounds.

Development of detection methods for diagnosis and analysis of highly toxic metal phosphides: A comprehensive and critical review.

Iron-doped cobalt copper phosphide/phosphate composite with 3D hierarchical flower-like structures as electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors

Experimental determination of charge carrier dynamics in carbon nitride heterojunctions.

Graphene-Like Hydrogen-Bonded Melamine-Cyanuric Acid Supramolecular Nanosheets as Pseudo-Porous Catalyst Support.

Room-temperature reduction of sulfur hexafluoride with metal phosphides.

Homogeneous triple-phase interfaces enabling one-pot route to metal compound/carbon composites.

Metal-organic frameworks and their derivatives as electrode materials for potassium ion batteries: A review

Cyclooligophosphanes and their coordination chemistry

N, P-doped carbon supported ruthenium doped Rhenium phosphide with porous nanostructure for hydrogen evolution reaction using sustainable energies.

MOF-derived cobalt phosphide as highly efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction

Hydrodeoxygenation of palm oil to green diesel products on mixed-phase nickel phosphides

Human Zinc Phosphide Exposure in Lebanon: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

Emerging Yttrium Phosphides with Tetrahedron Phosphorus and Superconductivity under High Pressures.

Fusing semiconductor and nonmetal into a high conductive wide-range solid solution alloy for Li-ion batteries

P-Type Cobalt Phosphide Composites (CoP-Co2P) Decorated on Titanium Oxide for Enhanced Noble-Metal-Free Photocatalytic H2 Evolution Activity.

Room-Temperature Reduction of Sulfur Hexafluoride with Metal Phosphides

Self-supported N-Doped Carbon@NiXCo2-XP core-shell nanorod arrays on 3D Ni foam for boosted hydrogen evolution reaction

Vapour phase conversion of metal oxalates to metal phosphide nanostructures and their use as anode in rechargeable Li, Na and K-ion batteries

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Metal Phosphides 금속 인화물

Metal Phosphides 금속 인화물
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