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Technology Focus: Acidizing (June 2021)

Adverse reaction to metal debris due to fretting corrosion between the acetabular components of modular dual-mobility constructs in total hip replacement: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Buckling analysis of thin-walled metal liner of cylindrical composite overwrapped pressure vessels with depressions after autofrettage processing

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Fretting and corrosion of metal liners from modular dual mobility constructs : a retrieval analysis.

Fretting Corrosion, Third-Body Polyethylene Damage, and Cup Positioning in Primary vs Revision Dual Mobility Total Hip Arthroplasty.

The features of the process of forming compact elements of variable shape from metal liners for testing anti-meteoroidal protection for spacecraft

Influence of resin curing cycle on the deformation of filament wound composites by in situ strain monitoring

Integrated Design of D.D.I., Filament Winding and Curing Processes for Manufacturing the High Pressure Vessel (Type II)

Simulation Study on Expansive Jet Formation Characteristics of Polymer Liner

Simulation of the design process of the high-speed elongated aircrafts with variable form

Process Development of Low Resistive Ag-Based Through Silicon Vias using Inkjet Printing Technique for 3D Microsystem Integration

Design and Computational Analysis of the Integral Structure of Composite High-Pressure Vessel

Creating and Applying Antifriction Bearing Wood–Metal Materials

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Metal Liner 금속 라이너

Metal Liner 금속 라이너
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