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An Integrated Analysis of the Rice Transcriptome and Metabolome Reveals Root Growth Regulation Mechanisms in Response to Nitrogen Availability

Metabolic plasticity of the starchless mutant of Chlorella sorokiniana and mechanisms underlying its enhanced lipid production revealed by comparative metabolomics analysis

Laboratory evolution reveals the metabolic and regulatory basis of ethylene glycol metabolism by Pseudomonas putida KT2440.

Metabolic Response in Rats following Electroacupuncture or Moxibustion Stimulation

Mycofactocin Is Associated with Ethanol Metabolism in Mycobacteria

Metabolic Alterations in Myocardial Metabolism during Ex Situ Heart Perfusion

Metabolomics reveals the key role of oxygen metabolism in heat susceptibility of an alpine‐dwelling ghost moth, Thitarodes xiaojinensis (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae)

High expression of metabolic enzyme PFKFB4 is associated with poor prognosis of operable breast cancer

Simultaneous tracers and a unified model of positional and mass isotopomers for quantification of metabolic flux in liver.

Ethanol exposure impairs AMPK signaling and phagocytosis in human alveolar macrophages: Role of ethanol metabolism.

Untargeted metabolomic analysis of the carotenoid-based orange coloration in Haliotis gigantea using GC-TOF-MS

Metabolism drives monocytes during inflammation: What we do and do not know

3-Methylglutaric acid in energy metabolism.

In plaque-mass spectrometry imaging of a bloom-forming alga during viral infection reveals a metabolic shift towards odd-chain fatty acid lipids

Linking scaling laws across eukaryotes

The role of 18F-FDG PET in the assessment of a benign hematological disorder: polycythemia.

NMR Metabolomics Protocols for Drug Discovery.

Tumor-derived TGF-β inhibits mitochondrial respiration to suppress IFN-γ production by human CD4+ T cells

Heterotic patterns of primary and secondary metabolites in the oilseed crop Brassica juncea

New insights into the mechanisms of diabetic complications: role of lipids and lipid metabolism

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Ренин-ангиотензиновая и калликреин-кининовая системы простаты: роль в патогенезе гиперплазии простаты

Systemic Immuno-metabolic alterations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Engineering the morphology and metabolism of pH tolerant Ustilago cynodontis for efficient itaconic acid production.

Neuropathology of vitamin B12 deficiency in the Cd320−/− mouse

Abstract 2715: Deciphering a metabolic basis for single-agent venetoclax efficacy in t(11;14) multiple myeloma

The potential role of sucrose transport gene expression in the photosynthetic and yield response of rice cultivars to future CO2 concentration

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Metabolic Basis 대사 기초

Metabolic Basis 대사 기초
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