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Message Format sentence examples within millennial generation buying

Hubungan Pesan Iklan dengan Minat Generasi Milenial

Message Format sentence examples within Can Message Format

A Novel Message-Preserving Scheme with Format-Preserving Encryption for Connected Cars in Multi-Access Edge Computing

LibreCAN: Automated CAN Message Translator

Message Format sentence examples within Xml Message Format

Genomic Considerations for FHIR; eMERGE Implementation Lessons

Genomic considerations for FHIR®; eMERGE implementation lessons

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A Multi-Agent-Based Network-on-Chip Simulator

AUTOSAR-compliant precision clock synchronization over CAN

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A Translator as Virtual Network Function for Network Level Interoperability of Different IoT Technologies


The Da’wah Messages as the Spiritual Marketing Approach of Islamic Fashion E-Commerce at HIJUP.COM

Strategic Science Communication: The “Flatten the Curve” Metaphor in COVID-19 Public Risk Messaging

Factors Associated with Cancer Message Believability: a Mixed Methods Study on Simulated Facebook Posts

5G New Radio channel coding for messaging in Smart Grid

Research on Evaluation Method of Combat Oriented Data Link Message Coding

When infographics work better: the interplay between temporal frame and message format in e-health communication.

NetPlier: Probabilistic Network Protocol Reverse Engineering from Message Traces

Narrative and choice effects on learning outcomes

Periklanan melalui Instagram Story Ads Collage Kit dengan Keputusan Pembelian Konsumen

Narrative risk messages increase uptake and sharing of health interventions in a hard-to-reach population: A pilot study to promote milk safety among Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania

Sistem informasi nilai akademik mahasiswa menggunakan teknik json dan nfc

Data Communication Design and Implementation for Marine Radio Using UHF Spectrum

A Network Adapter for Computing Process Node in Decentralized Building Automation System

Penetration Tests for Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee using the Software-Defined Radio

Hardware and Software Framework for Controlling and Monitoring IoT Appliances

Generation Rules for the Collective Perception Service

The effects of health narratives: Examining the moderating role of persuasive intent

A Generalized Format Preserving Encryption Framework Using MDS Matrices

A Comprehensive Ontology for Internet of Things (COIoT)

C-ITS Pilot in Dresden – Designing a modular C-ITS architecture

A Leader-Follower Communication Protocol for Multi-Agent Robotic Systems

Communication Network with Interoperable Communication Architecture for Smart Community

Unified CAMELOT Interoperability Adapters for Existing Unmanned Command and Control Systems

Synchronised measurement devices for power systems with high penetration of inverter-based renewable power generators

Protocol Specification Extraction Based on Contiguous Sequential Pattern Algorithm

Messaging with JMS

Energy-Efficient RAR3 Password Recovery with Dual-Granularity Data Path Strategy

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Message Format 메시지 형식

Message Format 메시지 형식
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