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Meridional Wind sentence examples within zonal wind speed

Feature analysis of stratospheric wind and temperature fields over the Antigua site by rocket data

Detection and explanation of spatiotemporal patterns in Late Cenozoic palaeoclimate change relevant to Earth surface processes

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Hpa Meridional Wind

Teleconnections Governing the Interannual Variability of Great Plains Low-Level Jets in May

The Impact of the Interaction between Madden-Julian Oscillation and Cold Surge, on Rainfall over Western Indonesia

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Mean Meridional Wind

Mechanism for Southward Shift of Zonal Wind Anomalies During the Mature Phase of ENSO

Characterizing ERA-Interim and ERA5 surface wind biases using ASCAT

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Tropospheric Meridional Wind

Representation of Rossby wave propagation and its effect on the teleconnection between the Indian summer monsoon and extratropical rainfall in the Met Office Unified Model

Representation of Rossby wave propagation and its effect on the teleconnection between the Indian summer monsoon and extratropical rainfall in the Met Office Unified Model

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Strong Meridional Wind

Estimating zonal Ekman transport along coastal Senegal during passage of Hurricane Fred, 30–31 August 2015

Estimating Zonal Ekman Transport along Coastal Senegal during Passage of Hurricane Fred (2015) from August 30 to 31, 2015

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Equatorward Meridional Wind

A Modeling Study of the Responses of Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Winds to Geomagnetic Storms at Middle Latitudes

What Do the New 2018 HIWIND Thermospheric Wind Observations Tell Us About High‐Latitude Ion‐Neutral Coupling During Daytime?

Meridional Wind sentence examples within Northward Meridional Wind

Relationship between Winter Precipitation in Barents–Kara Seas and September–October Eastern Siberian Sea Ice Anomalies

Forecast of summer precipitation in the Yangtze River Valley based on South China Sea springtime sea surface salinity

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind component

Examination of the Daily Cycle Wind Vector Modes of Variability from the Constellation of Microwave Scatterometers and Radiometers

A High-Resolution Modeling Study of the Circulation Patterns at a Coastal Embayment: Ría de Pontevedra (NW Spain) Under Upwelling and Downwelling Conditions

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind speed

Seasonal Predictability of Wintertime mid-latitude Cyclonic Activity over the North Atlantic and Europe

Development of an in situ Acoustic Anemometer to Measure Wind in the Stratosphere for SENSOR

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind anomaly

Eastward Eddy Shedding of the Asian Summer Monsoon Anticyclone

Impact of intra-seasonal coastal Kelvin waves on SST in the Canary upwelling system: composite analysis in Spring

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind velocity

Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Severe Wintertime Particulate Pollution Events in Beijing Using Extreme Value Theory

Fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) trends in China, 2013–2018: contributions from meteorology

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind tide

Quasi‐90‐day oscillation observed in the MLT region at low latitudes from the Kunming meteor radar and SABER

On the evaluation of the phase relation between temperature and wind tides based on ground-based measurements and reanalysis data in the middle atmosphere

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind field

A complex network analysis of extreme cyclones in the Arctic

A deep learning prediction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the high Arctic.

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind change

Emergent constraints on the large scale atmospheric circulation and regional hydroclimate: do they still work in CMIP6 and how much can they actually constrain the future?

A Modeling Study of the Responses of Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Winds to Geomagnetic Storms at Middle Latitudes

Meridional Wind sentence examples within meridional wind shear

Evolution of Idealized Vortices in Monsoon-Like Shears: Application to Monsoon Depressions

On the high percentage of occurrence of type-B 150-km echoes during the year 2019 and its relationship with mesospheric semi-diurnal tide and stratospheric ozone

Relationship between cross-equatorial flows over the Bay of Bengal and Australia in boreal summer: Role of tropical diabatic heating

Evaluating errors due to unresolved scales in convection‐permitting numerical weather prediction

Reducing Forecast Errors of a Regional Climate Model Using Adaptive Filters

The long-term trend of Bohai Sea ice in different emission scenarios

Interannual Variability of Seasonal Rainfall and Associated Circulations over Gambella, Ethiopia

Spatio-temporal rainfall variability of equatorial small island: case study Bintan Island, Indonesia

Intraseasonal variability of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall in CMIP6 models simulation

Atmospheric and Climatic Drivers of Tide Gauge Sea Level Variability along the East and South Coast of South Africa

On the altitude dependence and role of zonal and meridional wind shears in the generation of E region metal ion layers

Monthly averages of diurnal temperature variation from meteor radar at Cachoeira Paulista (22.7°S, 45°W), Brazil

The role of diabatic heating in Ferrel cell dynamics

Development of Convective-Scale Static Background Error Covariance within GSI-Based Hybrid EnVar System for Direct Radar Reflectivity Data Assimilation

Vertical plasma transport in the ionosphere over Irkutsk during St. Patrick’s Day geomagnetic storm: Observations and modeling

Global characteristics of the westward-propagating quasi-16-day wave with zonal wavenumber 1 and the connection with the 2012/2013 SSW revealed by ERA-Interim

Mars Perihelion Cloud Trails as revealed by MARCI: Mesoscale Topographically Focussed Updrafts and Gravity Wave Forcing of High Altitude Clouds.

Identification of atmospheric and oceanic teleconnection patterns in a 20-year global data set of the atmospheric water vapour column measured from satellites in the visible spectral range

Sea ice deformation and thickness in the Western Ross Sea

A Comparison of Meteor Radar Observation over China Region with Horizontal Wind Model (HWM14)

Analysis of the correlation between horizontal wind and 11‐year solar activity over Langfang, China

Numerical modeling of the disappearance of equatorial plasma bubble by nighttime medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances

Wave trains of 10–30-day meridional wind variations over the North Pacific during summer

Mode of Wind and Sea Surface Temperature Over the South China Sea During Rainy Season in Indonesia

Critical Role of Soil Moisture Memory in Predicting the 2012 Central United States Flash Drought

Time-Varying Empirical Probability Densities of Southern Ocean Surface Winds: Linking the Leading Mode to SAM and QuantifyingWind Product Differences

Winds and tides of the Extended Unified Model in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere validated with meteor radar observations

Investigation of Atmospheric Conditions Associated with a Storm Surge in the South-West of Iran

Hydrooptical fields formation in the Kerch Strait

Advanced meteor radar observations of mesospheric dynamics during 2017 minor SSW over the tropical region

Variations of total electron content over high latitude region during the ascending phase of 24th solar cycle

Impact of the Madden-Julian oscillation on Antarctic sea ice and its dynamical mechanism

A typical weather pattern for ozone pollution events in North China

Comparison of statistical and dynamical downscaling methods for seasonal-scale winter precipitation predictions over north India

Seasonal Features and a Case Study of Tropopause Folds over the Tibetan Plateau

Seasonal dependence of rainfall extremes in and around Jakarta, Indonesia

Development and Evaluation of Hourly and Kilometer Resolution Retrospective and Real-Time Surface Meteorological Blended Forcing Dataset (SMBFD) in China

Water Mass Characteristics of the Antarctic Margins and the Production and Seasonality of Dense Shelf Water

Quasi 10‐ and 16‐Day Wave Activities Observed Through Meteor Radar and MST Radar During Stratospheric Final Warming in 2015 Spring

On the seasonal and inter-annual variability of the equatorial Indian Ocean surface winds

On the forcings of the unusual QBO structure in February 2016

Sea ice regime in the Kara Sea during 2003–2017 based on high-resolution satellite data

Prediksi Curah Hujan Bulanan Menggunakan Metode Statistical Downscaling di Pulau Jawa dengan Pemilihan Prediktor Berdasarkan Transpor Uap Air

The South Atlantic-South Indian Ocean pattern: a Zonally Oriented Teleconnection along the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Jet in Austral Summer

Advanced hodograph-based analysis technique to derive gravity waves parameters from Lidar observations

Atmospheric circulation of Venus measured with visible imaging-spectroscopy at the THEMIS observatory

Recent behavior and possible future evolution of the glacieret in the cirque Golemiya Kazan in the Pirin Mountains under conditions of climate warming

Thermospheric neutral winds over Abuja, Nigeria

Sex-specific effects of fisheries and climate on the demography of sexually dimorphic seabirds.

Meteor Radar Observations of The Wind Regime in The Upper Mesosphere - Lower Thermosphere Over Kazan (56N, 49E)

A typical weather pattern for ozone pollution events in North China

High-latitude thermospheric wind study using a Fabry–Perot interferometer at Tromsø in Norway: averages and variations during quiet times

Solar-locked and geographical atmospheric structures inferred from a Venus general circulation model with radiative transfer

Positive and negative feedbacks related to the Arctic Oscillation revealed by air-sea heat fluxes

Temporal variability and trends of sea ice in the Kara Sea and their relationship with atmospheric factors

Gravity Wave Behavior Associated With Strong Convective Activities During Tropical Cyclone Aila

The influence of wave trains in mid-high latitudes on persistent heavy rain during the first rainy season over South China

Application of GCM Bias Correction to RCM Simulations of East Asian Winter Climate

SOM-based synoptic analysis of atmospheric circulation patterns and temperature anomalies in China

Meridional Wind 자오선 바람

Meridional Wind 자오선 바람
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