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AI Assisted Optimization of Unimorph Tapered Cantilever for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Development of algorithms in open-source Elmer FEM for frequency response and biased modal analysis of MEMS cantilever

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Sacrificial grid release technology: a versatile release concept for MEMS structures

Composition of Metal Layers in CMOS-MEMS Micromachining Process

Modeling Material Nonlinearities in Piezoelectric Films: Quasi-Static Actuation

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Transferability of weakest link model parameters of polysilicon from indentation fracture to failure of MEMS structures

Adhesive Deposition Process Characterization for Microstructure Assembly

Atomic layer deposition of AlN using atomic layer annealing—Towards high-quality AlN on vertical sidewalls

Highly sensitive MEMS magnetic field sensors with integrated powder-based permanent magnets

Development of an illumination module for stroboscopic phase-shift interferometry on MEMS devices

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Threshold-Triggered Mems-Cmos Infrared Resonant Detector with Near-Zero Standby Power Consumption

Influence of laser structuring and barium nitrate treatment on morphology and electrophysical characteristics of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays

Piezoelectric films for MEMS applications (Conference Presentation)

Room-Temperature Terahertz Antenna-Coupled Microbolometers with Titanium Thermistor and Heater

Method of Analyzing Dynamic Characteristics of MEMS Gyroscopes in Test Measurement Mode

Improve the Reliability and Increased Lifetime of Comb Drive Structure in RF MEMS Switch

A Tester of the MEMS Accelerometers Operation Modes

A MEMS Vibratory Energy Harvester Charged by an Off-Chip Electret

A new model for permanent flexural deflection of cantilever MEMS actuator by conventional mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity framework

Integral Microaccelerometer Based on GaAs/InAs

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Magnetoelectric Current Sensor Based on MEMS Technology

Mechanical Test Structures for the Determination of Normal Stress in Multilayer Freestanding MEMS-Membranes

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Mems Structures Mems 구조

Mems Structures Mems 구조
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