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Mems Resonator sentence examples within Piezoelectric Mems Resonator

Piezoelectric MEMS Resonators: A Review

A 5-pJ/Bit OOK Transmitter Using MEMS-Based RF Oscillator for IoT Application in 180-nm CMOS

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Silicon Mems Resonator

Quantification of Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Toroidal Ring Gyroscope

Experimental Observation of Temperature and Pressure Induced Frequency Fluctuations in Silicon MEMS Resonators

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Coupled Mems Resonator

Enhancing Performance of Reservoir Computing System Based on Coupled MEMS Resonators

A Low-g MEMS Accelerometer with High Sensitivity, Low Nonlinearity and Large Dynamic Range Based on Mode-Localization of 3-DoF Weakly Coupled Resonators

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Aln Mems Resonator

A Mass Sensor Based on an Aluminum Nitride Mems Oscillator for Gas Sensing Applications

The Impact of Bottom Electrode Coverage Rate on Electromechanical Coupling and Quality Factor of AlN MEMS Contour Mode Resonators

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Actuated Mems Resonator

Reliability of electrostatically actuated MEMS resonators to random mass disturbance

Towards the optimization of excitation waveform for electrostatic resonant sensors with enhanced frequency stability

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Q Mems Resonator

Equivalent Force Analysis of a Schottky Depletion Layer MEMS Actuator

Nonlinear operation of resonant sensors based on weakly-coupled resonators: experimental investigation of an actively-coupled architecture

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Frequency Mems Resonator

Design and Simulation of OR Logic Gate Using RF MEMS Resonators

An AlN Micromachined Mass Sensor: Modeling and Characterization

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Single Mems Resonator

Rate Integrating Gyroscope Using Independently Controlled CW and CCW Modes on Single Resonator

Parallel Logics Using Multimode Excitation of a Single MEMS Resonator

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Rf Mems Resonator

A tunable ferroelectric based unreleased RF resonator

Patterning PZT Thin Films using Reactive Ion Beam Etching for PiezoMEMS, RF MEMS Resonator and Filter Applications

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Tpo Mems Resonator

A Miniaturized PM2.5 Sensor Module Based on a Thin-Film Piezoelectric-on-Silicon MEMS Oscillator

Liquid operating TPoS MEMS resonators with high quality factor

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Controlled Mems Resonator

Determining the Nonlinear Motion of MEMS Gyroscopes Using the Harmonic Balancing Method

Analytical Model and Experiments of Phase Noise in Oven-Controlled Mems Resonators

Mems Resonator sentence examples within Nonlinear Mems Resonator

Control of Spring Softening and Hardening in the Squared Daisy

Utilizing Energy Localization in Weakly Coupled Nonlinear Resonators for Sensing Applications

Mems Resonator sentence examples within mems resonator structure

Distributed MEMS Sensors using Plasmonic Antenna Array Embedded Sagnac Interferometer

Interface Stress for Bidirectional Frequency Tuning of Prebuckled Vanadium Dioxide MEMS Resonators

A Wide Range Frequency Coherent Modulation Control Based on Modal Coupling Effect in MEMS Resonators

A New Scheme to Enhance/Decrease Sensitivity of a Mems Resonator Using Parametric Modulation

A Low Impedance CMOS-MEMS Capacitive Resonator Based on Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) Capacitor Structure

Standard CMOS Integrated Ultra-Compact Micromechanical Oscillating Active Pixel Arrays

Implementation of A MEMS Resonator-based Digital to Frequency Converter Using Artificial Neural Networks

Nonparametric identification of a micro-electromechanical resonator

Design of a Controllable and State-Observable MEMS Nonlinear Resonator Based on the Awl-Shaped Serpentine Spring

Dynamic Behavior of T-beam Resonator With Repulsive Actuation

Fatigue-induced dynamic pull-in instability in electrically actuated microbeam resonators

A 237 ppm/°C L-Band Active Inductance Based Voltage Controlled Oscillator in SOI 0.18 µm

Bound on Amplitude of a MEMS Resonator by Approximating the Derivative of the Lyapunov Function in Finite Time

More Mems Resonator Mems 공진기 sentence examples

Frequency–amplitude response of superharmonic resonance of second order of electrostatically actuated MEMS cantilever resonators

Large bias-induced piezoelectric response in the ferroelectric polymer P(VDF-TrFE) for MEMS resonators

Design, Modeling and Fabrication of TPoS MEMS Resonators With Improved Performance at 1 GHz


A Tunable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for CMOS-MEMS Resonators Characterization

Evaluation of residual stress of c oriented AlN/Si (111) and its impact on mushroom-shaped piezoelectric resonator

Multi-Modal Resonance Measurement Capable of Discerning and Visualizing Effects Due to Excitation Schemes in MEMS Resonator

A MEMS Real-Time Clock With Single-Temperature Calibration and Deterministic Jitter Cancellation

A Programmable Sustaining Amplifier for Flexible Multimode MEMS-Referenced Oscillators

Signal Tracking Control of MEMS Resonators by Fuzzy Terminal Sliding Mode Control Scheme

Highly-Linear Magnet-Free Microelectromechanical Circulators

Mems resonators: Numerical modeling

More Mems Resonator Mems 공진기 sentence examples

Switchable Mechanical Resonance Induced by Hysteretic Piezoelectricity in Ferroelectric Capacitors

Cross-Hierarchical Design of Compact RF-MEMS Oscillator Circuits on a Silicon-Ceramic Composite Substrate

Polysilicon MEMS Resonator for 28-MHz Oscillators

A 32.768 kHz MEMS Resonator with +/-20 ppm Tolerance in 0.9 mm x 0.6 mm Chip Scale Package

Heat transport in GaAs membranes studied by using a GaAs MEMS thermal sensor

An 18 nW −47/−40 dBm Sensitivity 3/100 kbps MEMS-Assisted CMOS Wake-Up Receiver

Fish Scale-shaped Acoustic Reflector Array for Quality Factor Enhancement of AlN-on-Silicon MEMS Resonator

Dynamics of MEMS Resonators and their Exploitation for Sensing and Actuation

Quality factor improvement of piezoelectric MEMS resonator by the conjunction of frame structure and phononic crystals

More Mems Resonator Mems 공진기 sentence examples

Reduced order modelling of the non-linear stiffness in MEMS resonators

Direct Detection of Akhiezer Damping in a Silicon MEMS Resonator

Resonator responses to coupled vibrational modes lead to regions of unstable oscillation

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