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Synchronization in a network of coupled MEMS-Colpitts oscillators

A MEMS accelerometer based on synchronizing DETF oscillators

A Fully Differential SOI-MEMS Thermal Piezoresistive Ring Oscillator in Liquid Environment Intended for Mass Sensing

Cross-Hierarchical Design of Compact RF-MEMS Oscillator Circuits on a Silicon-Ceramic Composite Substrate

Effects of phase delay on synchronization in a nonlinear micromechanical oscillator

Temperature Compensation of a MEMs Oscillator Using a Multi-Dimensional Segmented Polynomial

Conditioning Circuit for Simultaneous Sensing and Actuation in Piezoelectric MEMS Resonators

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Mems Oscillator Mems 오실레이터

Mems Oscillator Mems 오실레이터
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