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Analysis of the Nonlinear Response of Piezo-Micromirrors with the Harmonic Balance Method

Dynamic Modeling and Anti-Disturbing Control of an Electromagnetic MEMS Torsional Micromirror Considering External Vibrations in Vehicular LiDAR

Large aperture MEMS mirror with integrated piezoelectric actuator

STMicroelectronics: MEMS ScanARTM: ST Laser Beam Scanning Solutions Enabling Ultracompact “Light” Engines for AR

Torsional Structures to Enable Large Angle Deflections

Extreme angle, tip-tilt MEMS micromirror enabling full hemispheric, quasi-static optical coverage.

Programming Vanadium Dioxide Based MEMS Mirror

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Mems Micromirror Mems 마이크로미러

Mems Micromirror Mems 마이크로미러
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