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Randomized controlled trial of the mySmartSkin web-based intervention to promote skin self-examination and sun protection among individuals diagnosed with melanoma.

Correlates of sun protection behaviors among melanoma survivors

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Resident and circulating memory T cells persist for years in melanoma patients with durable responses to immunotherapy.

An immunotherapy survivor population: health-related quality of life and toxicity in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors

Melanoma Survivors sentence examples within Advanced Melanoma Survivors

Exploring the melanoma survivorship experience: a qualitative study

Health-related quality of life of advanced melanoma survivors treated with CTLA-4 immune checkpoint inhibition: A matched cohort study

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Physical activity of early stage melanoma survivors☆☆☆

Surveillance imaging for metastasis in high-risk melanoma: importance in individualized patient care and survivorship

DS08: Exploring unmet needs and attitudes to skin self‐examination in melanoma survivors: interim results

DS07: Evaluation of telephone consultations prior to Mohs surgery: the importance of informed consent

Achieving Self-Directed Integrated Cancer Aftercare (ASICA) in melanoma: protocol for a randomised patient-focused pilot trial of delivering the ASICA intervention as a means to earlier detection of recurrent and second primary melanoma

Relationship of parent-child sun protection among those at risk for and surviving with melanoma: Implications for family-based cancer prevention.

Understanding Skin Screening Practices Among Children at Elevated Risk for Melanoma to Inform Interventions for Melanoma Prevention and Control

Long-Term Quality of Life of Melanoma Survivors Is Comparable to that of the General Population

Frequency of ‘regular’ skin checks by dermatologists for melanoma survivors

The ‘Check‐It‐Out’ intervention increases confidence and practices of thorough skin self‐examination

Skin Self-Examination: Partner Comfort and Support During Examinations as Predictors of Self-Efficacy in Patients At Risk for Melanoma Recurrence.

Sun protection behavior after diagnosis of high‐risk primary melanoma and risk of a subsequent primary

Variation in daily ultraviolet radiation exposure and sun protection behaviours of melanoma survivors: an observational single‐arm pilot study with a wearable sensor

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Melanoma Survivors 흑색종 생존자

Melanoma Survivors 흑색종 생존자
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