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Hydrogen absorption properties of Ce23Mg4Ni7 alloy at medium vacuum

Controlling the surface potential of a dielectric target irradiated by an electron beam in medium vacuum

Measuring Gas Transport and Sorption in Large Intact Geologic Specimens via the Piezometric Method

Synthesis of magneto-dielectric coatings in electron-beam produced plasma in medium vacuum

Microstructure and Hardness of Spark Plasma Sintered Inconel 625-NbC Composites for High-Temperature Applications

Traveling performance analysis of planetary rovers using a repeatable test system in vacuum

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A didactic experiment to evaluate the calibration of pressure gauges in low-medium vacuum range

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Effect of vacuum level on milk flow and vacuum stability in Alpine goat milking

An experimental test-stand for investigation of electron-beam synthesis of dielectric coatings in medium vacuum pressure range

The Emission and Electrophysical Features of an Yttria-Coated Iridium Cathode

Paramagnetic gold in a highly disordered Au-Ni-O alloy

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Medium Vacuum 중간 진공

Medium Vacuum 중간 진공
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