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Sensitivity reduction mechanisms in organic perovskite X-ray detectors

A virtual reality game to support visuospatial understanding of medical X-ray imaging

The Effect of Tungsten Particle Sizes on X-ray Attenuation Properties

Application of Visual Radiographic Analysis of Quality Grade of Table Eggs

On X-Ray Hesitancy: Patients’ Radiophobic Concerns Over Medical X-Rays

X-ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography for Soft Tissue Imaging at the Imaging and Medical Beamline (IMBL) of the Australian Synchrotron

Secure E-Health using Images Steganography

Neural network for 3D inertial confinement fusion shell reconstruction from single radiographs.

Assessment and Feasibility Study of Lemon Ripening Using X-ray Image of Information Visualization

Estimation of Entrance Surface Air Kerma in Digital Radiographic Examinations.

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[Research on Reliability Design and Verification of CT Based on Clinical Application Data].

Digital Mammography Device for Mobile Mammography Complex

Review on Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) for Adult Patients Undergoing Chest and Abdomen Computed Tomography Scan in Northern Nigeria

The impacts of heterogeneity on CO2 capillary trapping within the Captain Sandstone - a core to field scale study.

Determination of the Youngest Active Domain in Major Fault Zones Using Medical X-ray Computed Tomography-derived Density Estimations

Engineering of a Blocking Layer Structure for Low-Lag Operation of the a-PbO-Based X-Ray Detector

Assessment of Uncertainty Depending on Various Conditions in Modulation Transfer Function Calculation Using the Edge Method

Study on removal of silver and polyethylene terephthalate from exposed radiography films using enzyme protease

A New Capacitive Sensor for Histomorphometry Evaluation of Dental Implants

Active Latent Space Shape Model: A Bayesian Treatment of Shape Model Adaptation with an Application to Psoriatic Arthritis Radiographs

Validation of radiographic quality of simulation software - ImaSim.

Radiation Protection Evaluation of Medical X-ray Imaging Centers in Qazvin, Iran

Enabling Autonomous Medical Image Data Annotation: A human-in-the-loop Reinforcement Learning Approach

Polymeric composites for X-ray shielding applications

Quantitative determination of the lowest density domain in major fault zones via medical X-ray computed tomography

An aerosol-liquid-solid process for the general synthesis of halide perovskite thick films for direct-conversion X-ray detectors

Effect of X-ray irradiation on a-IGZO and LTPS thin-film transistors for radiography applications

Beyond the visible spectrum – applying 3D multispectral full-body imaging to the VirtoScan system

Transfer and deep learning techniques for the automatic diagnosis of COVID-19 respiratory diseases

Electrospun polymer nanocomposites for X-ray shielding application

Multidirectional Anisotropic Total Variation and Its Application in the Tomography of the Surrounding Rock of Coal Mining Faces

Zaštita na radu medicinskih sestara/tehničara zaposlenih u zoni ionizirajućeg zračenja

Synthesis and Characterization of a New Nanocomposite Film Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymer and Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Dye as a Low Radiation Dosimeter in Medical Diagnostics Application

Ligand assisted growth of perovskite single crystals with low defect density

Toward Green Optoelectronics: Environmental-Friendly Colloidal Quantum Dots Photodetectors

X-ray tube based on carbon nanotube field emitter for low dose mini C-arm fluoroscopy

Could imaging with monochromatic x-ray beams become a reality in all our hospitals?

Medical Radiation Exposure among Atomic Bomb Survivors: Understanding its Impact on Risk Estimates of Atomic Bomb Radiation

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Medical X Ray 의료 엑스레이
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