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Parte III. Apoyo del laboratorio de microbiología y anatomía patológica en el diagnóstico y manejo de infecciones en el paciente con cáncer y trasplante de precursores hematopoyéticos

[Support of the laboratory of microbiology and pathological anatomy in the diagnosis and management of infections in cancer patients and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cell transplant receptors].

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Big data medical behavior analysis based on machine learning and wireless sensors

A Blockchain-Based System for Anti-Fraud of Healthcare Insurance

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[Scientific paradigm of membrane anatomy].

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Rehabilitation Recommendations For Adult Patients With COVID-19

A Web-Based Computer-Tailored Program to Improve Treatment Adherence in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: Randomized Controlled Trial

The effect of the integrated delivery system on managing hypertension in rural areas of China.

Tingkat Pengetahuan dan Sikap Terhadap Perilaku Keikutsertaan Deteksi Dini Kanker Serviks pada Paramedis Perempuan

Study of dietary pattern, and lifestyles among Type-2 diabetic patients

Health services utilization of Chinese patients with Huntington’s disease: a cross-sectional study

Factors affecting attitudes towards end-of-life care among medical students in China: a cross-sectional study

Abstract SS2-03: Patterns of medical behavior in the management of breast cancer during COVID-19. Mexican Experienc

A multi-platform information management system of total life cycle for medical equipment

A latent profile analysis of the link between sociocultural factors and health-related risk-taking among U.S. adults

The dynamics of patient visits to traditional Chinese medicine during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic

Green synthesis of Ionic liquid mediated Ytterbium oxide nanoparticles by Andrographis Paniculata leaves extract for structural, morphological and biomedical applications

Green Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles by Murraya Koenigii Leaves Extract for Biomedical Application

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[Act following etiquette and change with time: analysis and discussion on the difference between the current guidelines and clinical practice of gastrointestinal stromal tumor].

The Effects of a Tripod Approach for Cancer Patients on Illness Stress, Health-Promoting Lifestyle, Hope, and Resilience.

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Effect of nursing intervention on functional recovery of patients undergoing arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Volumetric quantification in ovarian pathology using abdomino-pelvic computed tomography

Preparation and characterization of chitosan/gelatin/nanocrystalline cellulose/calcium peroxide films for potential wound dressing applications.

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Analysis of the impacts of drug price markup reform on hospitalization expenses of tertiary public hospitals in Sichuan province

Biofilm Specific Activity: A Measure to Quantify Microbial Biofilm

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Cognitive status of Chinese acne patients and its influencing factors

Fabrication of chitosan-coated porous polycaprolactone/strontium-substituted bioactive glass nanocomposite scaffold for bone tissue engineering.

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Medical Behavior 의료 행위

Medical Behavior 의료 행위
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