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Next Generation dsRNA-Based Insect Control: Success So Far and Challenges

Nanocarrier-delivered dsRNA suppresses wing development of green peach aphids.

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Gold-Nanocluster-Mediated Delivery of siRNA to Intact Plant Cells for Efficient Gene Knockdown.

Gold nanocluster mediated delivery of siRNA to intact plant cells for efficient gene knockdown

A Simple, Rapid, and Cost-Effective Method for Loss-of-Function Assays in Pluripotent Cells.

Prevention of acquired sensorineural hearing loss in mice by in vivo Htra2 gene editing

Influence of Dose on Neutrophil-Mediated Delivery of Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeting Therapy Strategies.

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miR-145 micelles mitigate atherosclerosis by modulating vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype.

Targeting of GLUT5 for Transporter-Mediated Drug-Delivery Is Contingent upon Substrate Hydrophilicity

Identification of a novel Bax-Cdk1 signalling complex that links activation of the mitotic checkpoint to apoptosis.

Tissue and cell-type-specific transduction using rAAV vectors in lung diseases.

Heparanase confers temozolomide resistance by regulation of exosome secretion and circular RNA composition in glioma

Inhibition of cancer cell-derived exosomal microRNA-183 suppresses cell growth and metastasis in prostate cancer by upregulating TPM1

Myeloid cell-mediated targeting of LIF to dystrophic muscle causes transient increases in muscle fiber lesions by disrupting the recruitment and dispersion of macrophages in muscle.

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Drug delivery systems for cardiovascular ailments

Grapevine red blotch virus is transmitted by the three-cornered alfalfa hopper in a circulative, nonpropagative mode with unique attributes.

Antiproliferative Effects of AAV-Delivered CRISPR/Cas9-Based Degradation of the HPV18-E6 Gene in HeLa Cells

Targeted enzyme assisted chemotherapy (TEAC) – a novel microRNA-guided and selenium-based regimen to specifically eradicate hepatocellular carcinoma

IL13Rα2‑ and EGFR‑targeted pseudomonas exotoxin potentiates the TRAIL‑mediated death of GBM cells.

Small Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Adipocytes Attenuate Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in Rats by Rejuvenating Senescent Nucleus Pulposus Cells and Endplate Cells by Delivering Exogenous NAMPT

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Use of Exogenous Enzymes in Human Therapy: Approved Drugs and Potential Applications.

Delivery of trans-membrane proteins by liposomes; The effect of liposome size and formulation technique on the efficiency of protein delivery.

Pharmacological MRI with Simultaneous Measurement of Cerebral Perfusion and Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier Function using Interleaved Echo-Time Arterial Spin Labelling

Platelets induce free and phospholipid-esterified 12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid generation in colon cancer cells by delivering 12-lipoxygenase

Targetron-assisted delivery of exogenous DNA sequences into Pseudomonas putida through CRISPR-aided counterselection

Advances in Agrobacterium transformation and vector design result in high‐frequency targeted gene insertion in maize

Nanocellulose, a versatile platform: From the delivery of active molecules to tissue engineering applications

Delivery of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 envelope protein into human cells

AAV9-mediated FIG4 delivery prolongs life span in Charcot Marie Tooth disease type 4J mouse model.

Simple, fast and efficient iTOP-mediated delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 RNP in difficult-to-transduce human cells including primary T cells.

High-pressure sprayed siRNAs influence the efficiency but not the profile of transitive silencing

An 8-Hydroxy-Quinoline Derivative Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Lethality in Endotoxemia by Inhibiting HMGB1-Mediated Caspase-11 Signaling

Injectable, macroporous scaffolds for delivery of therapeutic genes to the injured spinal cord

Preparation of FA-targeted magnetic nanocomposites co-loading TFPI-2 plasmid and cis-platinum and its targeted therapy effects on nasopharyngeal carcinoma


Absolute quantification and single-cell dose-response of cytosolic siRNA delivery

An alternative pathway for membrane protein biogenesis at the endoplasmic reticulum

A Brucella effector modulates the Arf6‐Rab8a GTPase cascade to promote intravacuolar replication

FCH domain only 1 (FCHo1), a potential new biomarker for lung cancer.

Engineered Type Six Secretion Systems Deliver Active Exogenous Effectors and Cre Recombinase

Abstract LB169: Systemic Administration of an antibody/RNA complex results in tumor specific delivery of immunostimulatory RNAs and tumor growth suppression in a mouse model of melanoma

Constitutive activation of ERK1/2 signaling protects against myocardial ischemia via inhibition of mitochondrial fragmentation in the aging heart.

Recent Findings on Thymoquinone and Its Applications as a Nanocarrier for the Treatment of Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Environment-Sensitive Polymeric Micelles Encapsulating SN-38 Potently Suppress Growth of Neuroblastoma Cells Exhibiting Intrinsic and Acquired Drug Resistance.

Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoparticles with Osteogenic Effects as miRNA Carriers to Synergistically Promote Osteogenesis of MSCs.

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