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Media Narratives sentence examples within Social Media Narratives

The Importance of Human Domain Knowledge and Business Data Analytics to Support Modern Financial Decisions

“At Least until the Second Wave Comes…”: A Twitter Analysis of the NHS and COVID-19 between March and June 2020

Media Narratives sentence examples within Mas Media Narratives

Online fandom communities as networked counterpublics: LGBTQ+ youths’ perceptions of representation and community climate

A dynamic social-ecological model of generational identity in the workplace

Media Narratives sentence examples within Analyze Media Narratives

Faith as Authenticity: Kyoto’s Gion Festival in 2020

The anti-Francoist movements and the Middle East conflict (1947–57): The portrayal of Israelis and Arabs in the Spanish left-wing press

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Media Narratives sentence examples within Mainstream Media Narratives

Understanding factors and barriers to alternative media development in emerging economies: Learning from the Check Global project

Outside the Sports Closet: News Discourses of Professional Gay Male Athletes in the Mainstream

Media Narratives sentence examples within Different Media Narratives

Being “geek” in digital communication: The case of Chinese online customer reviews

Introduction: Exploring flows and counter-flows of information along the New Silk Road

Media Narratives sentence examples within News Media Narratives

News media narratives of Covid-19 across 20 countries: Early global convergence and later regional divergence

“Gay Guys are Shit-Lovers” and “Lesbians are Obsessed With Fingers”: The (Mis)Representation of LGBTIQ People in Thai News Media

Media Narratives sentence examples within media narratives produced

Evangélicos e Comunicação no Brasil: para além das visibilidades midiáticas

Narrativas transmedia sociales en el ámbito hispanoamericano (2014-2018)

Media Narratives sentence examples within media narratives around

“At Least until the Second Wave Comes…”: A Twitter Analysis of the NHS and COVID-19 between March and June 2020

Framing the Narrative About Communist Crimes in Croatia: Bleiburg and Jazovka

Media Narratives sentence examples within media narratives regarding

Carnistic Colonialism: A Rhetorical Dissection of “Bushmeat” in the 2014 Ebola Outbreak

#ShamimaBegum: An analysis of social media narratives relating to female terrorist actors:

Who’s responsible for climate change? Untangling threads of media discussions in India, Nigeria, Australia, and the USA

A Broken Mirror Held to History’s Face On the Narrative Use of Computer Screens, Multi Screen Experiences, and a Transmedia Theoretical Console in the Popular Assassin’s Creed Series

“Nos negamos a morir en la cárcel”. Abordajes mediáticos en torno a las excarcelaciones por COVID-19

Teaching EU in Hungary

Use of New Narratives for COVID-19 Reporting: From 360º Videos to Ephemeral TikTok Videos in Online Media

Hierarchies of Masculinities: An Analysis of the Characters in the Indian Web Series, Paatal Lok

Digital Feminism beyond Nativism and Empire: Affective Territories of Recognition and Competing Claims to Suffering in Iranian Women’s Campaigns

Gamification and transmedia in interdisciplinary contexts: A didactic intervention for the primary school classroom

Focusing on political and civil concerns in news media? European refugee issue seen from China

Ageism in the COVID-19 pandemic: age-based discrimination in triage decisions and beyond

“I just want to be the friendly face of national socialism”: The turn to civility in the cultural expressions of neo-Nazism in Sweden

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Emancipación femenina. Los clásicos de Disney

Modelo de análisis para canales de YouTube: aplicación a medios nativos digitales

Abuse by the Powerful? Exploring the role of media narratives and political discourse in the immigration-crime nexus

Revisiting Plural Marriage in the 21st Century: Polygamy, Politics and Power

Greatly Exaggerated in Canada: Diverging Data and Media Bailouts

Rage, Revanchism, Revenge, 2002–2010

Las series de ficción televisivas en sus webs: análisis de las estrategias transmedia y de la participación activa de la audiencia

Postcolonial casualties: ‘Born-frees’ and decolonisation in South Africa

Fome em tempos de pandemia de COVID-19

The effects of media narratives about failures and discoveries in science on beliefs about and support for science

Common pool resource institutions: The rise of internet platforms in the social solidarity economy

Auto) representaciones en internet de los guardias de seguridad privada peruanos en Irak

Concepts and Models of Analysis of Interactive and Transmedia Narratives: A Batman’s Universe Case Study

‘It’s Clear to the Kids’: Sex Education and the Ethics of Care in the Narratives Surrounding the Slovak ‘Referendum on the Family’ in 2015

Debunking the Myth of ‘Super Bowl Sex Trafficking’: Media hype or evidenced-based coverage

O caso Playboy na mídia brasileira: quando o cotidiano mitifica o criminoso ao reforçar o estereótipo de criminalidade

Transmedia Narratives in Education: The Potentials of Multisensory Emotional Arousal in Teaching and Learning Contexts

La creación de À Punt Mèdia (2013-19) como nuevo espacio público de comunicación

Economic crisis and Greek crisis discourse: A discourse analysis of articles from The Economist referring to Greece (2009–2011)

Media experiences in community-driven rural areas: exploring children’s media cultures in rural Gujarat, India

Communication, migrant activism and counter-hegemonic narratives of Haitian diaspora in Brazil

Representations of China in the Global Media Disocurse

Religious Outlook in Times of Deep Mediatization. A Case Study of the Print Media of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland

Modular Stories: An Examination of Multi-Modal Transtexts in Relation to The Modular Body

Perspectivas hacia un periodismo post contemporáneo

Are the US and China fated to fight? How narratives of ‘power transition’ shape great power war or peace

Why do we entertain ourselves with media narratives? A theory of resonance perspective on entertainment experiences

Reducing homophobia in college students through film appreciation

Presse écrite et événement terroriste : routines narratives et émergence de la société civile (1995-2016)

A Correlation Between Annual Rates of Overdose Mortality and Deceased Organ Donation in Canada

The Creation of À Punt Mèdia (2013-19) as new Public Space for Communication

More Media Narratives 미디어 내러티브 sentence examples

Posfácios da coleção Jornalismo Literário: que jornalismo é esse?

Media, Translation and the Construction of the Muslim Image: A Narrative Perspective

ArDIn. Art, Design, and Engineering Merging in a New Method

Never-ending Local Beauty: Neo-Exoticism in Tourism Activities and Online Media Narratives

Global Narratives in Asian Countries

Digital Story-Telling: A Methodology of Web Based Learning of Teaching of Folklore Studies

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Media Narratives 미디어 내러티브

Media Narratives 미디어 내러티브
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