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Effect of Mechanochemical Activation Conditions on the Physicochemical Properties of Zinc Oxide

Mechanochemical Synthesis of a Hydrogenation Catalyst from Nickel Oxide and Silica Gel

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Low-Temperature Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of Cobalt Ferrite in Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Decomposition Reaction

Effect of Catalyst Composition and Process Conditions on the Catalytic Efficiency of Cobalt Ferrite in the Decomposition of Nitrogen(I) Oxide

Mechanochemical Activation sentence examples within mechanochemical activation condition

Mechanochemical Synthesis of a Hydrogenation Catalyst from Nickel Oxide and Silica Gel

Solid State of Polymolybdenum(VI) Phenylsiloxanes - Synthesis and Structure

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Processing Optimization and Toxicological Evaluation of “Lead-Free” Piezoceramics: A KNN-Based Case Study

Green Synthesis of 8‐Hydroxyquinoline Barium as Visible‐Light‐Excited Luminescent Material Using Mechanochemical Activation Method

Mass Spectrometry of the Laser Desorption/Ionization of Magnesium, Tungsten, and Boron Powders before and after Mechanochemical Activation

Investigation of Praziquantel/Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexation by NMR and LC-HRMS/MS: Mechanism, Solubility, Chemical Stability, and Degradation Products.

LiFePO4/Carbon Nanomaterial Composites for Cathodes of High-Power Lithium Ion Batteries

Polymeric nanocomplexes based on polyaluminophenylsiloxanes

Synthesis and evaluation of nickel cobalt ferrite magnetic ceramics employing two alternative routes

Production and Dry Mechanochemical Activation of Biochars Derived from Moroccan Red Macroalgae Residue and Olive Pomace Biomass for Treating Wastewater: Thermodynamic, Isotherm, and Kinetic Studies

The Effect of Additives of Mechanically Activated Mineral Fillers on the Properties of Composite Gypsum Binders

The effect of ground limestone on the properties of composite gypsum binder using thermally activated clay as a pozzolanic component

Effect of mechanical activation on the thermoelectric properties of Sr1-xSmxTiO3 ceramics

Technological basis of processing of serpentinite copper-gold ores in the Kyrgyz Republic

Mechanochemystry as advanced methodology in green chemistry for applied catalysis

Mechanochemical synthesis of Pb2MgWO6 piezoceramics with alloying additives

Polychelates Based on Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron, Zirconium, and Vanadyl Acetylacetonates - Synthesis, Structure and Properties


Application of nontraditional activation methods in green and sustainable chemistry: Microwaves, ultrasounds, electro-, photo-, and mechanochemistry, and high hydrostatic pressure

Mechanoredox Chemistry as an Emerging Strategy in Synthesis

Correction: Mechanochemical activation of disulfide-based multifunctional polymers for theranostic drug release

Exploring the Influence of Milling Parameters on the Wet Mechanochemical Synthesis of Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides

Different Methods for Preparation of Active Sites in Kaolinite Surface and their Usability in Photocatalytic Processes

Synergistic mechanisms of mechanochemical activation on the mild oxidative desulfurization of superfine pulverized coal

Mechanochemical technology of iron extraction from enrichment tailings



Fabrication of Magnesium-Silicon Nanocomplexes by the Interaction of Polyphenylsiloxane with Magnesium Carbonate

Mechanochemical Activation and Spark Plasma Sintering of the Lead-Free Ba(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3 Ceramics

Mechanochemically incorporating magnesium sulfate into antigorite to provide active nucleation sites for efficient precipitation of cadmium ions from weak acidic solution.

Mechanochemical Technology for Iron Extraction from Ore-Dressing Tailings

Complex additives for concretes on the base of caprolactam

Interfacial phenomena at a surface of individual and complex fumed nanooxides

Recycling of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries using mechanochemical activation and solid-state sintering.

Recent applications of mechanochemistry in enantioselective synthesis

Structural and transport properties of neodymium tungstates prepared via mechanochemical activation

Synthesis and Mechanochemical Activity of Peptide-Based Cu(I) Bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) Complexes

The Influence of Mechanical and Mechanochemical Activation of Hardwood Wood Waste on Biocomposite Properties

The effect of photoactivated transformations of Ag+ and Ag0 in silica fillers on their biocidal activity


Design of ceramometal CuFeAlOx/CuFeAl composites and their catalytic potential for water gas shift reaction

Combining Mechanochemistry and Spray Congealing for New Praziquantel Pediatric Formulations in Schistosomiasis Treatment

CO2 Hydrogenation Induced by Mechanochemical Activation of Olivine With Water Under CO2 Atmosphere

First mechanosynthesis of piperlotines A, C, and derivatives through solvent-free Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction

Mechanically Triggered Small Molecule Release from a Masked Furfuryl Carbonate.

Improvement of dye sensitized solar cell photovoltaic performance by using a ZnO-semiconductor processed by reaction bonded

Improving the early strength of concrete: Effect of mechanochemical activation of the cementitious suspension and using of various superplasticizers

Effect of mechanochemical activation of natural phosphorite structure as well as phosphorus solubility

Use mechanochemical activation to enhance interfacial contaminant removal: A review of recent developments and mainstream techniques.

Structuring Behavior of Composite Materials Based on Cement, Limestone, and Acidic Ash

A Strategy for Modelling Mechanochemically Induced Unzipping and Scission of Chemical Bonds in Double-Network Polymer Composite

Effect of mechanoactivation on the phase transitions in the oxide systems

Mechanochemical pre-treatment for efficient solvent-free synthesis of SSZ-13 zeolite.

Mechanochemically Activated Aluminosilicate Clay Soils and their Application for Defluoridation and Pathogen Removal from Groundwater

Mechanism and kinetics of enhancement of cerium dissolution from weathered residual rare earth ore by planetary ball milling

Potential Sustainable Slow-Release Fertilizers Obtained by Mechanochemical Activation of MgAl and MgFe Layered Double Hydroxides and K2HPO4

Preparation of Mine Filling Material from Steel Slag Mud

Mechanochemical synthesis of the α-AlH3/LiCl nano-composites by reaction of LiH and AlCl3: Kinetics modeling and reaction mechanism

Solid-state analysis of amorphous solid dispersions: Why DSC and XRPD may not be regarded as stand-alone techniques.

Mechanochemical activation of chalcopyrite: Relationship between activation mechanism and leaching enhancement

Mechanochemical Activation of Precursor Powders for the Preparation of Dense Al2O3–ZrO2〈Y2O3〉 Nanoceramics

High-efficiency synthesis of high-performance K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ceramics

Multi-component PZT ceramics obtained by mechanochemical activation and conventional ceramic technology

Mechanistic Insights into a Sustainable Mechanochemical Synthesis of Ettringite