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Simultaneous temperature and vibration sensing based on hybrid BOTDR and Φ-OTDR

All-fiber sensors for salinity and temperature simultaneous measurement

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Estimation of Respiratory Rate from Thermography Using Respiratory Likelihood Index

Comparative screening of recombinant antigen thermostability for improved leptospirosis vaccine design

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within Whole Measuring Temperature

Crossover from negative to positive magnetoresistance in Sr2CrWO6/Sr2Fe10/9Mo8/9O6 superlattices.

Large magnetoresistance and large magnetothermopower effect in the Dirac material EuMn0.8Sb2.

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within Lower Measuring Temperature

Structural and Magnetic Properties of MnxBa0.5-xCo0.5Fe2O4 Nanosized Ferrites

Effect of Strain Rate and Measuring Temperature on Elastocaloric Effect and Multi-caloric Properties of Co37.5 Ni34.5 Al28 Paramagnetic Shape Memory Alloy

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within Sensor Measuring Temperature

Touchless Respiratory Monitor Preliminary Data and Results

Challenges of sensor development based on thin film technology

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature distribution

Experimental study of the effect of the spray cone angle on the temperature distribution in a can micro-combustor

Optical fiber sensor for atmospheric reentry experiments

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature range

First Demonstration of 25-nm Quad Interface p-MTJ Device With Low Resistance-Area Product MgO and Ten Years Retention for High Reliable STT-MRAM

Crossover from negative to positive magnetoresistance in Sr2CrWO6/Sr2Fe10/9Mo8/9O6 superlattices.

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature change

Optical neural stimulation using the thermoplasmonic effect of gold nano-hexagon

Touchless Respiratory Monitor Preliminary Data and Results

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature profile

Portable Molecular Diagnostics Device for Identification of Asini Corii Colla by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification

Fiber Characterization Using Whispering Gallery Modes(Invited)

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature dependence

Simultaneous Measurements of Broadband Terahertz Properties of Crystals along Two Axes

Anomalous Hall effect at a PtO x / Co interface

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature rise

Effect of focal spot scanning method in agarose gel and chicken breast on heating efficiency in cavitation-enhanced ultrasonic heating

Resonant Thermoelectric Nanophotonics: Applications in Spectral and Thermal Sensing

Measuring Temperature sentence examples within measuring temperature field

Comparison Between 0D and 1D Heat Source Reconstruction for Fatigue Characterization

Acetone Tracer Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) at 282 nm Excitation as a Diagnostic Tool in Elevated Pressure and Temperature Systems

Using Machine Learning for Dependable Outlier Detection in Environmental Monitoring Systems

Temperature-dependent magnetic behavior of Mn-Mg spinel ferrites with substituted Co, Ni & Zn, synthesized by hydrothermal method

Determination of the Ideal Color Temperature for the Most Efficient Photosynthesis of Brachypodium Plant in Different Light Sources by Using Image Processing Techniques

Application and Design of Inspection Robot System Based on Multi-parameter Hierarchical Inspection of UHV Substation

Four-probe sensing of temperature during Joule heating of silicon.

A study for the influences of temperatures on ZnGa2O4 films and solar-blind sensing performances

The frequency of gastroesophageal reflux when radiofrequency catheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation under general anesthesia with a supraglottic device

Multi-Sensor Temperature and Humidity Measuring System for Technological Process of Organic Livestock Waste Microwave Treatment Monitoring

The use of iot technology based on the forward chaining method to monitor the feasibility of rice field


Experimental study of convective dryer with centrifugal fluidized bed

AQUACISION: a multiparameter aquaculture water quality ester and decision support system

Atenuación del estrés calórico en pollos con la suplementación de un producto de cromo orgánico

Measurement of Sub-Zero temperatures in magnetic resonance imaging using T1 temperature sensitive soft silicone materials: Applications for MRI-Guided cryosurgery.

An Ultra-High Accuracy Temperature Measurement Method Using Acoustic Waveguide

Optical Part of a Pyrometer Used in a Tungsten–Rhenium Thermocouple Calibration Setup

Temperature Sensor Using a Hybrid Structure with Plastic Optical Fiber and Bimetal Element

Characterizing and correcting the warm bias observed in AMDAR temperature observations

Time-resolved turbulent dynamo in a laser plasma

Axillary Thermometry Demonstrates Greater Reliability Compared With Rectal Thermometry in Healthy Neonates

Monitoring and Control Food Temperature and Humidity using Internet of Things Based-on Microcontroller

Deep learning-based super-resolution images for synchronous measurement of temperature and deformation at elevated temperature

Methods of temperature measurement in microwave heating technologies

A hot-wire flowmeter based on fiber Extrinsic Fabry-Pérot Interferometer with assitance of fiber Bragg grating

Monitoring and recording system of laboratory environmental conditions as ISO/IEC 17025 requirement

Indoor air quality in natural-ventilated bedrooms in renovated Norwegian houses

Low-cost thermal explorer robot using a hybrid neural networks and intelligent bug algorithm model

The pilot, proof of concept REMOTE-COVID trial: remote monitoring use in suspected cases of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV 2)

Temperature measurement of turbulent flame using CT-TDLAS (computed tomography-tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy)

Synthesis process dependent physico-chemical and opto-electronic properties of Cu2FeSnS4 nanoparticle films

Analisis Risiko Kesehatan Akibat Paparan Particulate Matter 2,5 (PM2,5) Dalam Rumah Tinggal di Perumahan X Kawasan Industri Semen

Science and Technology in the Modern Agricultural Sector: An Overview

Comparison of Simultaneous Shock Temperature Measurements from Three Different Pyrometry Systems

Adaptive Nonlinearity Compensation System for Integrated Temperature and Moisture Sensor

Automatic Temperature Measurement for Hot Spots in Face Region of Cattle using Infrared Thermography

Intelligent System for Air Quality Monitoring Assessment using the Raspberry Pi Platform

Noncontact Temperature Sensing of Heated Cylindrical Rod by Laser-Ultrasonic Method

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Высокоскоростной спектральный пирометр на основе спектрометра «Колибри-2»

Investigation on the up-conversion luminescence and temperature sensing properties based on non-thermally coupled levels of rare earth ions doped Ba2In2O5 phosphor

Development of a Prototype Sensor Based on Graphene Oxide for Building a Three-Dimensional Digital Temperature Map on the ROS Platform

Thermal evolution monitoring of a chemical reactor wall based on inverse analysis

More Measuring Temperature 온도 측정 sentence examples

Estimation of the time-dependent convective boundary condition in a horizontal pipe with thermal stratification based on inverse heat conduction problem