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Water Flow Measurement for Swimmers using Artificial Food-grade Roe as Tracer Particles

Feasibility study on water flow visualization using cellulose particles and pervasive display

Novel approach for weld depth determination using optical coherence tomography measurement in laser deep penetration welding of aluminum and steel

AI-based sensor platforms for the IoT in smart cities

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Research status for knee joint secondary kinematics

Virtopsy lends dignity to lazarus

Measuring control of construction materials parameters in order to increase reliability of engineering objects

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Evaluative Case Study in Lightweight Wooden Wall Research

Statistical analysis of very high-resolution precipitation data and relation to atmospheric circulation in Central Germany

Industrial Wastes and Waste Dumps, Sampling and Analysis

Research on Application and Challenges of Large Data in Smart Grid

Discussion on infrared accurate temperature-measuring technology of composite insulators for overhead lines

Thermographic study of the body’s reaction on low-intensity optical exposure

Measuring Accuracy Prediction-based Path Planning for UGVs with Visual Measurement Ability

Shallow Embedded Strain Measurements and Analysis for a NbTi Superconducting Sextupole Coil During Cooling, Excitation, and Quench

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Measuring Technology 측정 기술

Measuring Technology 측정 기술
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