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Inertial Parameter Identification in Robotics: A Survey

Estimation of Tissue Attenuation from Ultrasonic B-Mode Images—Spectral-Log-Difference and Method-of-Moments Algorithms Compared †

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Applicability of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers for the detection of proton-induced thermoacoustic waves

Correction of phase rotation in pulse spectrum method for scanning acoustic microscopy and its application to measurements of cells.

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Synthesis of a fractional-order PIλDμ-controller for a closed system of switched reluctance motor control

SRM Identification with Fractional Order Transfer Functions

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SpinDoctor: A MATLAB toolbox for diffusion MRI simulation

A MATLAB toolbox for multivariate analysis of brain networks

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supFunSim: spatial filtering toolbox for EEG

supFunSim: spatial filtering toolbox for EEG

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Integration of distributed generation in electrical grid: Optimal placement and sizing under different load conditions

Enhancing the Voltage Stability of the Nigerian 330KV 48-Bus Power System Network Using Modal/Eigenvalue Analysis

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Controlling Chaos in a Newly Designed Chaotic Hamiltonian System Based on Hénon-Heiles Model using Active Controlled Hybrid Projective Synchronization

Research on Image Fusion Algorithm for Video Optimization

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Crystallographic structural changes of Al1050 under different types of sheet metal rolling

Crystal plasticity modeling of 3rd generation multi-phase AHSS with martensitic transformation

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A Guide to Parent-Child fNIRS Hyperscanning Data Processing and Analysis

Unfold: an integrated toolbox for overlap correction, non-linear modeling, and regression-based EEG analysis

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FSAT – A fracture surface analysis toolbox in MATLAB to compare 2D and 3D surface measures

NIRS-KIT: a MATLAB toolbox for both resting-state and task fNIRS data analysis

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MRIES: A Matlab Toolbox for Mapping the Responses to Intracranial Electrical Stimulation

Input-Dependent Structural Identifiability of Nonlinear Systems

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WGMode : A Matlab toolbox for whispering gallery modes volume computation in spherical optical micro-resonators

CusToM: a Matlab toolbox for musculoskeletal simulation

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Identification of conductivity in inhomogeneous orthotropic media

Time-Dependent Reaction Coefficient Identification Problems with a Free Boundary

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Optimal configuration of energy storage system in multi-station fusion mode

Multi-Objective Short-Term Integration of Hydrothermal Operation with Wind and Solar Power using Nonlinear Programming.

BOPS: a Matlab toolbox to batch musculoskeletal data processing for OpenSim

An open source statistical and data processing toolbox for wide-field optical imaging in mice

AROC: a toolbox for automated reachset optimal controller synthesis

Study on Bifurcation Analysis and Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Sampled-Data Stabilization of PMSM Systems

Analysis of the acoustical environment of classrooms in three brazilian public schools through measurements and 3d simulation

Robust stability analysis of stochastic switched neural networks with parameter uncertainties via state-dependent switching law

Stability analysis for neural networks with discrete and leakage time-varying delay systems with delay-range-dependence and delay-derivative-dependence

Fuzzy Logic Controller Optimized by MABSA for DC Servo Motor on Physical Experiment

Numerical Simulation for Wind Shear Detection With a Glide Path Scanning Algorithm Based on Wind LiDAR

A fast underwater calibration method based on vanishing point optimization of two orthogonal parallel lines

Simulation platform of large volumetric photoacoustic microscopy based on k-space pseudospectral method

+microstate: A MATLAB toolbox for brain microstate analysis in sensor and cortical EEG/MEG

Development of Hybrid Prandtl–Ishlinskii and Constitutive Models for Hysteresis of Shape-Memory-Alloy-Driven Actuators

Optimal design of longitudinal stiffeners of unsymmetric plate girders subjected to pure bending

Improvement of a cement rotary kiln performance using artificial neural network

An integrated multi-stage fuzzy inference performance measurement scheme in humanitarian relief operations

A Matlab toolbox for scaled-generic modeling of shoulder and elbow

Effect of light illumination factors on brain activity as measure of event related potential using EEGLAB

Identification of Currency via Image Recognition

Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Early Treatment-Induced Changes in Tumour Lactate in vitro

Stability and stabilization for uncertain fuzzy system with sampled-data control and state quantization

Stabil: An educational Matlab toolbox for static and dynamic structural analysis

The Aerospace Emission Bandwidth Toolbox (AEBT)

A New Benchmark Based on Recent Advances in Multispectral Pansharpening: Revisiting Pansharpening With Classical and Emerging Pansharpening Methods

GAT-FD: An Integrated MATLAB Toolbox for Graph Theoretical Analysis of Task-Related Functional Dynamics

Research on Non-intrusive Load Identification Method Based on Support Vector Machine

Automated Biocircuit Design with SYNBADm.

Inclined MHD and Radiative Maxwell Slip Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer due to Permeable Melting Surface with a Non-linear Heat Source

PPGTempStitch: A MATLAB Toolbox for Augmenting Annotated Photoplethsmogram Signals

Study on the Prediction Model of Wildfire in Victoria

Heavy trucks with intelligent control of active suspension based on artificial neural networks

Thermal-hydraulic optimization of a steam generator by entropy generation minimization and genetic algorithm method

Artificial Intelligence based Camera Calibration

Performance Analysis of Domestic Refrigerator Using Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Mixtures with ANN and Fuzzy Logic System

A Matlab Toolbox for Feature Importance Ranking

A Toolbox for Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning (VRFT)

scGEAToolbox: a Matlab toolbox for single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis

ActiView: A MATLAB-based Toolbox for Realtime Cortical Activation Analysis Using Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Mamdani and Sugeno Fuzzy Inference Systems’ Comparison for Detection of Packet Dropping Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

ANN Based Approach for the Estimation and Enhancement of Power Transfer Capability

TMG-BoBI: Generating Back-of-the-Book Indexes with the Text-to-Matrix-Generator

MEG Source Imaging and Group Analysis Using VBMEG

Parameter balancing: consistent parameter sets for kinetic metabolic models

Recent Numerical and Conceptual Advances for Tensor Decompositions — A Preview of Tensorlab 4.0

pyTFA and matTFA: a Python package and a Matlab toolbox for Thermodynamics-based Flux Analysis

Developing a Toolbox for Modeling and Simulation of Elevators

Comparison of DC Motor Position Control Simulation using MABSA-FLC and PSO-FLC

A fuzzy multi-objective linear programming with interval-typed triangular fuzzy numbers

Strategies to Improve the Performance of USCT Algorithms

Multiobjective optimal placement of active tendons to control irregular multistory buildings with soil–structure interaction

State estimation for neural networks with Markov-based nonuniform sampling: The partly unknown transition probability case

Design & Analysis of Different Dynamic Functions of Nuclear Reactor and Accident Analysis of Six types of Reactors (ACP100, VVER1200, NuScale, ESBWR, AP1000, ABWR) using MATLAB, MATLAB-SIMULINK and PCTRAN

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