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Senior High School Mathematics Learning through Mathematics Modeling Approach.

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A Pricing Model for Groundwater Rights in Ningxia, China Based on the Fuzzy Mathematical Model

Response of Landscape and Ecological Characteristics to the Optimal Rainwater Harvesting Dual-Element Mulch Covered Soil Model in Beijing

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Subharmonic Resonance in Magnetic Levitation of the High-Temperature Superconducting Bulks YBa2Cu3O7‐x Under Harmonic Excitation

Mechanism Modeling and Nonlinear Model Adaptive-Predictive Control of Multiple Evaporators System in Sugar Mill

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Predictive Control for Coke Oven Blowing Cooler System Based on SVR

Rule-based fuzzy control method for static pressure reset using improved Mamdani model in VAV systems

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Air Pollution Hotspot Detection and Identification of Their Source Trajectory

Modeling of liquid hydrocarbon products from syngas

Research to Evaluate the Regenerative Braking System Effect on Fuel Consumption of Hybrid Vehicle

Active Disturbance Rejection Based Repetitive Learning Control With Applications in Power Inverters

Embedding STEM in the mathematics classroom: A case study of vocational high school teacher’s practice

Users-transformer relationship identification based on smart meter data

The control algorithm of whole angle mode for HRG based on the vector composition

Dynamic Analysis of a Closed Brayton Cycle Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

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Gut microbiota And Human Body Interactions; Its Impact on Health: a review.

Investigation of DPSK and OQPSK Techniques for FSO Communication Systems

A capture probability analytic model for the electromagnetic launched anti-torpedo torpedo

Model Investigation on Intelligent Sliding Sleeve Downlink System Based on Pressure Waves

Depicting Epistemological Obstacles in Understanding the Concept of Sequence and Series

Research on flexible job shop scheduling with low-carbon technology based on quantum bacterial foraging optimization

Inquiry-based Orbital Modelling to Build Coherence in Trigonometry

Rigorous Thinking in Mathematics Modelling for Slow Learners

Research on the Temporal and Spatial Correlation between the Vertical Change of Reference Station and Precipitation

Mathematical Modeling as a Catalyst for Equitable Mathematics Instruction: Preparing Teachers and Young Learners with 21st Century Skills

New Expressions to Apply the Variation Operation Strategy in Engineering Tools Using Pumps Working as Turbines

Application of mathematical modelling for hot rolled Ti-6Al-4V alloy

Solving Vertical Body Motion with Quadratic Resistance using Closed-form Solution for Ricatti Differential Equation of Constant Coefficients based on Discriminant Criteria

Multi-particle interaction in AC electric field driven by dielectrophoresis force.

Penerapan Metode Multiple Scales untuk Masalah Galloping pada Mooring Cable FPSO

Realization of Adjustable Damping Characteristic Based on a Magnetorheological Damper

Fuzzy Logic Approach in the Modeling of Sustainable Tourism Development Management

Determination of the Utilization and Effort Level of Mackerel Scad ( Decapterus spp ) in the Bitung Waters North Sulawesi

Deciphering the Rules of in Silico Autophagy Methods for Expediting Medicinal Research.

One Novel Control Strategy for AC-DC-AC Converter Without DC Link Electrolytic Capacitor

Gibbs Process Determines Survival and Reveals Contact-Inhibition Genes in Glioblastoma Multiforme


Model Build and Optimization Design on Powder Compaction

Analysis and design of surface permanent magnet synchronous motor and generator

Correlation of Students’ Reading Comprehension and Geometry Thinking Levels

Design of High Reliability Gimbal Servo System of Control Moment Gyroscope

Model Construction and Analysis of Transformer DC Magnetic Bias Induced by Rail Transit Stray Current

Finite Automata as Control Model for Manufacturing Discrete Type System

Mathematical Modelling On Transportation Method Apllication For Rice Distribution Cost Optimization

Dual-Stator Doubly Salient Electromagnetic Motor Driving System Utilizing a Nine-Switch Converter

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Mathematics Model 수학 모델

Mathematics Model 수학 모델
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