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The role of Working Memory, Processing Speed and Approximate Number System abilities in low maths achievement among preschoolers

Spontaneous focusing on Arabic number symbols and its association with early mathematical competencies

Mathematical Development sentence examples within Atypical Mathematical Development

The Complexity of Basic Number Processing: A Commentary from a Neurocognitive Perspective

Metacognition and errors: the impact of self-regulatory trainings in children with specific learning disabilities

Mathematical Development sentence examples within mathematical development belief

Teachers’ belief in mathematics teaching: a case study of early childhood education teachers

Okul Öncesi Öğretmen ve Öğretmen Adaylarının Matematiksel Gelişime İlişkin İnançlarının Karşılaştırılması

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Energy balance equation for pressure in air-tight compartment fires: detailed discussion and experimental validation

Early childhood mathematical development: the association between patterning and proportional reasoning


How We Understand Hilbert’s Thought of Infinity

Supporting early numeracy: The role of spontaneous mathematical focusing tendencies in learning and instruction

Kuhnian Analysis of Why, even after Euler’s Contributions, the Fundamental Principle of Motion is still “Newton’s Second Law”

Numerical Modelling of the Effect of Cooling Conditions and Mould Size during Solidification of Al-4.5%Cu Alloy in Static Casting Process

Language Skills of Children With and Without Mathematics Difficulty.

Pengaruh Persepsi Orang Tua Terhadap Kesiapan Bersekolah Anak Usia 5-6 Tahun di Samarinda

Analytic proposal for p + ip coupling in three-band Ginzburg-Landau model

Mathematics Clusters Reveal Strengths and Weaknesses in Adolescents’ Mathematical Competencies, Spatial Abilities, and Mathematics Attitudes

Natural reconstruction coordinates for imperfect TRASE MRI

Optimization of Engineering Design Problems Using Atomic Orbital Search Algorithm

Novelty Underground Cable Model for Power System Transient Simulation

Symbolic Magnitude Understanding Predicts Preschoolers’ Later Addition Skills

Understanding the Radiation Thermometers

The Analytic Hierarchy Process as a Method for the Selection of Resources in the Cloud

Yang–Mills theories on geometric spaces

An information-theoretic approach for measuring the distance of organ tissue samples using their transcriptomic signatures

Home Numeracy and Preschool Children’s Mathematical Development: Expanding Home Numeracy Models to Include Parental Attitudes and Emotions

Intuition in Einsteinian physics

Energy calculations of the (2P2 1D); (3D2 1G) and (4F2 1I) doubly excited states of helium isoelectronic sequence (z ≤ 20) via the modified atomic orbital theory

Predicting mathematical abilities from early mathematics and number-specific executive functions in informal and formal schooling

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Teaching Dispersion Effects in Waves Reflected by Lossy Materials: The Optics vs. Electromagnetics Approach

Predictive control review for a three-phase converter

Supporting Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Judgment Around Digital Technology Use

Talbot effect from structures with periodic Bessel and sinusoidal profiles

Guaranteed Quantity of Interest Error Estimate Based on Equilibrated Flux Reconstruction

After the International Mathematical Olympiad: The Educational/Career Decisions and the Development of Mathematical Talent of Former Australian Olympians

The relation between home numeracy practices and a variety of math skills in elementary school children

Analytical Interpretation of the Early Literature on the Theory of Vibrations

Effects of Varying Viscosity and Mixed Convection on Nanotubes-water Flow With Reactions by a Stretching Cylinder: a Comparative Study

Analysis of Losses in Cables and Transformers with Unbalanced Load and Current Harmonics

Thermodynamic and kinetic constants for isotopic fractionation modeling with or without major isotope hypothesis

Cross- and Within-Domain Associations of Early Reading and Mathematical Skills: Changes Across the Preschool Years

Free Space Optical Systems Engineering: Design and Analysis

Young Children’s Patterning Competencies and Mathematical Development: A Review

More in-depth analytical investigations of two Effective Harmonics Filters for More Electric Marine Vessel Applications

Assessing Mathematical Competence and Performance: Quality Characteristics, Approaches, and Research Trends

Introduction to neutrosophy and neutrosophic environment

The unsteady continuous adjoint method for minimizing flow-induced sound radiation

Whither Specifications as Programs

Widening the Lens: Going Global in Mathematics Education Research

Min–max and max–min approaches to the solution of wave equation in relativistic quantum chemistry

Theorical review of the Teaching of Mathematics in Student with Visual Functional Diversity

Dialectical logic for mythical and mystical superstructural systems

Explanations and Implications of Diminishing Intervention Impacts Across Time

Spontaneous Mathematical Focusing Tendencies in Mathematical Development and Education

Individual differences in fraction arithmetic learning

Implementation of Linear Springs and Dampers in a Newmark Second Order Direct Integration Method for 2D Multibody Dynamics

Time Domain Electromagnetic Transient Analysis of Aerial Nonuniform Transmission Lines Excited by an Incident Electromagnetic Field

Mathematical development of an average method for estimating the reduction of the Heat Loss Coefficient of an energetically retrofitted occupied office building

Working Memory and Mathematical Learning

Formalized Resolution of the Scientific Task for Improving the Effective Planning Special Purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Routes of Tactical Level

Inserción de la etnomatemática en la formación docente en la educación superior ecuatoriana

Mathematical Learning and Its Difficulties in the United States: Current Issues in Screening and Intervention

Methodological Approaches for the Fokker-Planck Equation Associated to Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Systems with Uncertain Parameters

An alternative model for aerial multiconductor transmission lines excited by external electromagnetic fields based on the method of characteristics

More than number sense: The additional role of executive functions and metacognition in arithmetic.

Markov Selections for the Magnetohydrodynamics and the Hall-Magnetohydrodynamics Systems

The performance of the truncated mixed control chart

Rigorous Mathematical Analysis of the Quasispecies Model: From Manfred Eigen to the Recent Developments

Low‐field NMR

A Low-Memory Time-Efficient Implementation of Outermorphisms for Higher-Dimensional Geometric Algebras

Space Syntax: A Network-Based Configurational Approach to Studying Urban Morphology

Dynamic Study of a Functionally Graded Material Rotating Conical Shaft Based on a New Model of Variation by Slice in the Material Properties

New approach to estimate the shear stress and the force of raindrops and their effect on erodibility of agricultural soils

Diseño de estrategia de apertura para la interpretación gráfica-analítica a través de Desmos como preparación para el aprendizaje del cálculo diferencial

Four-year olds’ understanding of repeating and growing patterns and its association with early numerical ability

Solving PDEs in space-time: 4D tree-based adaptivity, mesh-free and matrix-free approaches

A Discontinuous Galerkin Fast Spectral Method for Multi-Species Full Boltzmann on Streaming Multi-Processors

Introduction: Cognitive Foundations for Improving Mathematical Learning

Collaborative Effort to Develop Middle School Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge

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