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Optimization of the mineral composition of combined formed fish products

The technology of functional bakery cookies with fructose and food fibers

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Comparison of Flashover Voltages and Surface Discharges of Epoxy Resin with Montmorillonite Nanofillers and XLPE Samples with SiO2 and Al2O3 Nanoparticles

Performance evaluation of polymeric blend of vinyl acetate and acrylate-based copolymers in lubricating oil

Investigation on the potential sorbents — Aluminosilicate, microalga and grass hay as feed additives

Comparison of bovine milk fat globule membrane protein retention by different ultrafiltration membranes using a label-free proteomic approach

Biodegradation of ultrathin fiber materials based on mixtures of polyhydroxybutyrate and polylactid

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Materials Enriched 풍부한 재료

Materials Enriched 풍부한 재료
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