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The Transformative Self

Facing dominant master narratives on gender and sexuality: Identity reconstruction of women in situations of inequality

Master Narratives sentence examples within Dominant Master Narratives

Narratives of Czechoslovak Prison Staff from the Communist Era

Critically engaging engineering in place by localizing counternarratives in engineering design

A Re(Defining) Moment: Eulogizing Good Death in the Face of COVID-19.

Discursive differences in teaching the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka decision and the preservation of narratives of American progress

Introduction. Narratives from Xinjiang: social and political significance

Talking about volcanoes: Institutional narratives, the nature of risk, and Mount Mayon in the Philippines.

Co-constructions, co-performances and co-reflections in early years qualitative research

Modernity in the Theology of Karen Kilby

Performance and Climate Change: Evoking Theatrical Landscapes to Investigate Climate Change

Growth in the Hard and Soft Margins of Society


Positioning with master and counter-narratives

Navigating marginalization and invisibility as Asian Americans in the U.S.

Bio-Economy Policy Visions

Narratives, Credibility and Adversarial Justice in English and Welsh Rape Trials

Considering Refugees Through 100 Years of Geographical Review

Creating gender: A thematic analysis of genderqueer narratives

New Authorities, Works, and Disciplines

Letter from the editors

From Axayácatl to El Chapo: Rethinking Migration and Mexico’s War on Drugs in Gabriel Garcilazo’s Dystopic Magical Codex

A critical interpretive synthesis of informal payments in maternal health care

Spanish music criticism in the twentieth century: writing music history in real time

Emotion, Morality, and Interpersonal Relations as Critical Components of Children’s Cultural Learning in Conjunction With Middle-Class Family Life in the United States

Introduction: Life Writing and European Identities

Paradox and Paraliminality of (Im)Migration: An Urgent Cry for Narrative Repair

Biracialism and trauma in Kaine Agary’s Yellow-Yellow

Reclaiming/Renaming Histories in ContemporaryLiterature, Art, and Culture

Searching for New Ground

Manufacturing Coherence: How American Textbooks Incorporate Diverse Perspectives on the Origins of the Cold War

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Master Narratives 마스터 내러티브

Master Narratives 마스터 내러티브
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