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Masking Scheme sentence examples within Order Masking Scheme

Hardware Private Circuits: From Trivial Composition to Full Verification

Security Evaluation Against Side-Channel Analysis at Compilation Time

Masking Scheme sentence examples within Independent Masking Scheme

User-Load-Compatible Masking Schemes for Raptor-Like Protograph-Based LDPC Codes in Gaussian Multiple Access Channels

The Exact Security of PMAC with Two Powering-Up Masks

Masking Scheme sentence examples within Entropy Masking Scheme

Analysis of Multiplicative Low Entropy Masking Schemes Against Correlation Power Attack

Low Area-Overhead Low-Entropy Masking Scheme (LEMS) Against Correlation Power Analysis Attack

Masking Scheme sentence examples within Boolean Masking Scheme

Optimizing Inner Product Masking Scheme by a Coding Theory Approach

A highly efficient and secure hardware implementation of the advanced encryption standard

Masking Scheme sentence examples within Efficient Masking Scheme

A secure and highly efficient first-order masking scheme for AES linear operations

New second-order threshold implementation of AES

Masking Scheme sentence examples within Several Masking Scheme

Spectral approach to process the (multivariate) high-order template attack against any masking scheme

Categorizing all linear codes of IPM over ${\mathbb {F}}_{2^{8}}$

Provably Secure Hardware Masking in the Transition- and Glitch-Robust Probing Model: Better Safe than Sorry

New First-Order Secure AES Performance Records

Provable Secure Countermeasures Against Side-Channel Attacks

Generating Cryptographic S-Boxes Using the Reinforcement Learning

Redundant Code-based Masking Revisited

Information Leakages in Code-based Masking: A Unified Quantification Approach

Another Algebraic Decomposition Method for Masked Implementation

Multichannel Blind Source Separation Based on Evanescent-Region-Aware Non-Negative Tensor Factorization in Spherical Harmonic Domain

Second-Order SCA Security with almost no Fresh Randomness

On the Power of Expansion: More Efficient Constructions in the Random Probing Model

Higher-Order Lookup Table Masking in Essentially Constant Memory

Heterogeneous Attentions for Solving Pickup and Delivery Problem via Deep Reinforcement Learning

Fast Verification of Masking Schemes in Characteristic Two

Probing Security through Input-Output Separation and Revisited Quasilinear Masking

Provable Order Amplification for Code-Based Masking: How to Avoid Non-Linear Leakages Due to Masked Operations

Efficient Profiled Attacks on Masking Schemes

Active Fences against Voltage-based Side Channels in Multi-Tenant FPGAs

Static Power SCA of Sub-100 nm CMOS ASICs and the Insecurity of Masking Schemes in Low-Noise Environments

Impact of Furnace Annealing and other Process Failures to be taken care during Fabrication of an AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMT

Efficient Leveled (Multi) Identity-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes

One Fault is All it Needs: Breaking Higher-Order Masking with Persistent Fault Analysis

AES Overhead Mitigation Using OpenMP

A 47.4µJ/epoch Trainable Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator for In-Situ Personalization on Smart Devices

Simple Refreshing in the Noisy Leakage Model

Power Leakage Detection for a Masked SM3-MAC Hardware Implementation

A High Performance, Low Energy, Compact Masked 128-Bit AES in 22nm CMOS Technology

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Masking Scheme 마스킹 방식

Masking Scheme 마스킹 방식
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