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The Effectiveness of Integral Urban Strategies: Policy Theory and Target Scale. The European URBAN I Initiative and Employment

There Is No Place like Home! How Willing Are Young Adults to Move to Find a Job?

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Analysis of Factors Affecting Mango Market Supply in Gomma District, Southwest Ethiopia

Value chain analysis of fruits: The case of mango and avocado producing smallholder farmers in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

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Analysis of Factors Influencing Market Supply of Rice by Smallholder Farmers in Guraferda District, Southwest Ethiopia

Factors Determining Market Supply of Chickpea in Gondar Zuria Woreda, ANRS, Ethiopia

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Renewable Energy Deployment and COVID-19 Measures for Sustainable Development

The Impact of Energy Market Uncertainty Shocks on Energy Transition in Europe

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Fleet-Oriented Pattern Mining Combined with Time Series Signature Extraction for Understanding of Wind Farm Response to Storm Conditions

Can electricity market prices control power-to-heat production for peak shaving of renewable power generation? The case of Sweden

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Factors affecting groundnut market supply in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

Determinants of Groundnut Market Supply: The Case of Fogera Woreda, South Gondar Zone of Amhara Regional State

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Spatial Inequality in China’s Housing Market and the Driving Mechanism

The impact of local residential land use restrictions on land values across and within single family housing markets

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Conditioning factors to market fruits and vegetables from family farms to supermarket supply chains

Enhanced circularity in aftermarkets: logistics tradeoffs

Design of Evaluation Index System of Electric Power Multilateral Trading Market Operation

Automated, label-free TCID50 assay to determine the infectious titer of virus-based therapeutics.

A Housing Supply Absorption Rate Equation

Analysis of the integration of higher vocational innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education based on school-enterprise cooperation

Recent Advances in Phytohormone Regulation of Apple-Fruit Ripening

General Optimization Model of Modular Equipment Selection and Serialization for Shale Gas Field

Analysis on the profitability of clothing enterprises in China based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

What determines Enset (Ensete ventricosum) production and its contribution to household income? Empirical evidence from Ethiopia

Uncovering the impacts of structural similarity of financial indicators on stock returns at different quantile levels


Optimization Study on Surface Roughness and Tribological Behavior of Recycled Cast Iron Reinforced Bronze MMCs Produced by Hot Pressing

The Impact of Interest Rate Marketization on Commercial Banks

What Market Characteristics Does My Startup Broom Have?

The influencing factors and hierarchical relationships of offshore wind power industry in China

The Participation of Older People in the Concept and Design Phases of Housing in The Netherlands: A Theoretical Overview

Bioequivalence of cefalexin in healthy Chinese subjects.

Analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vegetable market supply in Northwestern Ethiopia

Dynamic Pricing Strategy of Electric Vehicle Aggregators Based on DDPG Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

Optimal order strategy for channels under different supply risk levels

Research on the Influence of Population Aging on Labor Cost in Hebei Province

Current situation and prospects of the studies of ecological industries and ecological products in eco-fragile areas.

Long-Term Care Market Trend and Patterns of Caregiving in the U.S.

Determinants of farm level market supply of tomatoes in Fogera district, South Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia

An Evaluative Study on Metallic Concentration in Different Ground and Industrial Water Sources in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on retailing in Vietnam: current situations and recommendations

Review on the Determinants of the Market Supply of Wheat in Ethiopia

Biofertilizers regulate the soil microbial community and enhance Panax ginseng yields

An insight for the market driving forces: Case of Tesla Model- S

Determinants of Pepper Market Supply Among Small Holder Farmer in Wenberma District, West Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

When Less is More: Vaping Low-Nicotine vs. High-Nicotine E-Liquid is Compensated by Increased Wattage and Higher Liquid Consumption

Wheat Production, Marketing and Consumption in Ethiopia

Systematic metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for lycopene overproduction.

Deconstructing the 2017 Changes to AWS Spot Market Pricing

Availability of benzathine penicillin G for syphilis treatment in Shandong Province, Eastern China

Value Chain Analysis of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) Production and Marketing from Traditional Agroforestry System, Southern Ethiopia

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Nearly 20 000 e-liquids and 250 unique flavour descriptions: an overview of the Dutch market based on information from manufacturers

Value chain analysis of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Humera district, Tigray, Ethiopia

Effects of genetic variation and environmental factors on bergenin in Rodgersia sambucifolia Hemsl.

Economic attributes of quality and competitiveness on the market of road freight transport services

Experimental Analysis of Equilibrium of Long-term Market Clearing Mechanism in China

Understanding the Capacity Utilization Rate and Overcapacity of China’s Coal Industry and Interprovincial Heterogeneity

Dynamic pricing model for cruising taxicab based on system dynamics

Media Market Concentration and Pluralism

Methods of Economic Theory: Variables, Transactions and Expectations as Functions of Risks

Determinants of Smallholder Farmers Teff Market Supply, in Jimma Arjo District, Western Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia: A Two Stage Least Square Approach


Economics and Interdisciplinarity: One Step Forward, N Steps Back?

Hadoop + Spark Platform Based on Big Data System Design of Agricultural Product Price Analysis and Prediction by HoltWinters

Value Chain Analysis of Banana in Mizan Aman Town of Benchi Maji Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

Analysis of RMB Exchange Rate Affect China-US Economic and Trade Relations

First Report of Leaf Spot of Bletilla striata Caused by Fusarium asiaticum in China

Rice carrying capacity and sustainable produce of rice in resources-limited regions

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