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Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within New Manufacturing Strategies

Interface between Materials and Oral Biology

Industry 4.0 and New Paradigms in the Field of Metal Forming

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies

Modelling and analysis of barriers of lean sustainability in metal manufacturing organizations

Application of multi-grade fuzzy and ANFIS approaches for performance analysis of Lean Six Sigma system with sustainable considerations

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Additive Manufacturing Strategies

Emerging 2D nanomaterials for biomedical applications

A novel microscale selective laser sintering (μ-SLS) process for the fabrication of microelectronic parts

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Advanced Manufacturing Strategies

Impacts of Organomodified Nanoclays and their Incinerated Byproducts on Bronchial Cell Monolayer Integrity.

Challenges of Industry 4.0 Technology Adoption for SMEs: The Case of Japan

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Different Manufacturing Strategies

Performance of Ti6Al4V fabricated by electron beam and laser hybrid preheating and selective melting strategy

SPA-Based Modified Local Reachability Density Ratio wSVDD for Nonlinear Multimode Process Monitoring

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Lean Manufacturing Strategies


Modeling and Analysis of Lean Manufacturing Strategies Using ISM-Fuzzy MICMAC Approach

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Multiple Manufacturing Strategies

Getting the mouse out of the box: Tool innovation in preschoolers.

Stretchable electronics: functional materials, fabrication strategies and applications

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Novel Manufacturing Strategies

Additive manufacturing enabled, microarchitected, hierarchically porous polylactic-acid/lithium iron phosphate/carbon nanotube nanocomposite electrodes for high performance Li-Ion batteries

A Productivity-Oriented Wafer Map Optimization Using Yield Model Based on Machine Learning

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Agile Manufacturing Strategies

Detection of a Surface Defect on an Engine Block Using Computer Vision

Development of an easy teaching and simulation solution for an autonomous mobile robot system

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Intelligent Manufacturing Strategies

Data-driven modeling and analysis based on complex network for multimode recognition of industrial processes

Real-Time Performance Analysis of Batch-Based Serial Flexible Production Lines With Geometric Machines

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Effective Manufacturing Strategies

Theoretical phase-field-method-based model of the γ phase dissolution of base metals in duplex stainless steels

Prediction of reversible α/γ phase transformation in multi-pass weld of Fe-Cr-Ni ternary alloy by phase-field method

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Summarize Manufacturing Strategies

Alginic Acid Polymer-Hydroxyapatite Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering

Hyaluronic-Acid-Based Organic-Inorganic Composites for Biomedical Applications

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within Future Manufacturing Strategies

Multi-omics characterization of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells for the identification of putative critical quality attributes

Metabolomics and cytokine profiling of mesenchymal stromal cells identify markers predictive of T-cell suppression.

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within manufacturing strategies enable

Mechanically transformative electronics, sensors, and implantable devices

Application of environmentally conscious manufacturing strategies for an automotive component

Manufacturing Strategies sentence examples within manufacturing strategies aimed

Off-the-Shelf Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells: How Do We Get There?

Towards a dapivirine and levonorgestrel multipurpose vaginal ring: Investigations into the reaction between levonorgestrel and addition-cure silicone elastomers.

Remanufacturing strategies under product take-back regulation

Optimal remanufacturing decisions in supply chains considering consumers’ anticipated regret and power structures

Materials, Electrical Performance, Mechanisms, Applications, and Manufacturing Approaches for Flexible Strain Sensors

A comprehensive review on sustainable cold spray additive manufacturing: State of the art, challenges and future challenges

Relationship between design strategies of commercial three-way monolithic catalysts and their performances in realistic conditions

Optimal pricing and remanufacturing entry strategies of manufacturers in the presence of online reviews

Factors Influencing Sustainable Purchasing Behaviour of Remanufactured Robotic Lawn Mowers

In-situ alloying in laser-based additive manufacturing processes: A critical review

Maintenance Performance Evaluation and Downtime Analysis of Manufacturing Equipment in a Food Manufacturing Company

Circular Economy Strategies for Equipment Lifetime Extension: A Systematic Review

Relationship between manufacturing complexity, strategy, and performance of manufacturing industries in Indonesia

Microscale engineering of hollow microneedle tips: design, manufacturing, optimization and validation.

Carbon emission reduction and coordination in a closed-loop supply chain with outsourcing remanufacturing

Advances in additive manufacturing of shape memory polymer composites

A quantitative framework for Industry 4.0 enabled Circular Economy

Material-structure-performance integrated laser-metal additive manufacturing

Modeling energy and resource use in additive manufacturing of automotive series parts with multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering

Energy management and manufacturing strategies: the case of Iranian oil industry

Integrated Lean-Green-Six Sigma Practices to Improve the Performance of the Manufacturing Industry

Effect of Supplier Selection Regulations on New Product Design

Identification of Potentials for Improvement in Paint Production Process Through Material Flow Cost Accounting—A Step Towards Sustainability

Sailing towards a circular economy: conditions for increased reuse and remanufacturing in the Scandinavian maritime sector

Design and Manufacturing Strategies for Fused Deposition Modelling in Additive Manufacturing: A Review

Experimental and numerical investigation on pre-stressed lattice structures

Hetero-contact microstructure to program discerning tactile interactions for virtual reality

Shape-changing architectural skins: a review on materials, design and fabrication strategies and performance analysis

The Cost-Based Lean Approach to the Information Logistics Business System Modelling

Pricing models in a sustainable supply chain with capacity constraint

Project Pilot Run: A Sewn Collaboration

Assessing functionality during the early Acheulean in level TKSF at Thiongo Korongo site (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)

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