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Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within product lifecycle management

Challenges to Cloud PLM Adoption

Identification of barriers to PLM institutionalization in large manufacturing organizations

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within total quality management


Total quality management for enhancing organizational performance: The mediating role of green manufacturing practices

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within green supply chain

Green Supply Chain Management

A Conceptual Framework of Green Smart IoT-based Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Indian Manufacturing Organizations

Development of a Model for Total Productive Maintenance Barriers to Enhance the Life Cycle of Productive Equipment

An Empirical Study on Lean Performance Parameters of Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Large Manufacturing Organizations

Empirical testing of a model on supply chain management adoption in India using the case study method

The impact of TQM and information communication technology (ICT) as an enabler in the quality management assessment framework (QMAF) on business outcomes

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Contract Manufacturing Organizations

CMOs and AI: Can trained machine learning be justified with the concept of know–how?

Manufacturing readiness assessment for evaluation of the microneedle array patch industry: an exploration of barriers to full-scale manufacturing.

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Different Manufacturing Organizations

Supply Chain Management Practices and Supply Chain Performance in the Manufacturing Industries of Bangladesh

Utilization of 3D Printing Technology: A Case Study of UAE

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Component Manufacturing Organizations

Evaluation of key performance indicators for sustainability assessment in automotive component manufacturing organization

Auditing for Evaluating the Degree of Agile Practices Implementation

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Seven Manufacturing Organizations

Collaboration-based HR systems and innovative work behaviors: The role of information exchange and HR system strength

Explaining supervisor–subordinate guanxi and subordinate performance through a conservation of resources lens

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within 54 Manufacturing Organizations

Responsible innovation in organisations – unpacking the effects of leader trustworthiness and organizational culture on employee creativity

Evaluation of the effectiveness of green practices in manufacturing sector using CHAID analysis

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Two Manufacturing Organizations

Idealized influence and commitment: a granular approach in understanding leadership

Differential roles of self-determined motivations in describing job crafting behavior and organizational change commitment

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Organizations

The role of knowledge management in delivering the organization to the state of performance excellence: Mediating role of technological vigilance

Lean Six Sigma effect on Jordanian pharmaceutical industry’s performance

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Textile Manufacturing Organizations

Analysing the relationship of adaption of green culture, innovation, green performance for achieving sustainability: Mediating role of employee commitment

Green training and organizational efficiency: mediating role of green competencies

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Apparel Manufacturing Organizations

Significance of operational capabilities of suppliers on the front-end decision making in apparel product innovation in Sri Lanka

Lean management in apparel manufacturing

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within Supporting Manufacturing Organizations

Demonstration and evaluation of a digital twin-based virtual factory

A Study of Information Technology Governance Initiatives On Organizational Performance

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within manufacturing organizations need

Machine learning and data mining in manufacturing

A framework for prioritizing the solutions to overcome sustainable manufacturing barriers

Manufacturing Organizations sentence examples within manufacturing organizations face


Success Factors of a Combined Green, Lean, and Six Sigma Strategy for Environmental Performance

An integrated DEMATEL-MMDE-ISM approach for analyzing environmental sustainability indicators in MSMEs

Environmental CSR and environmental citizenship behavior: The role of employees’ environmental passion and empathy

Firms see signs of post-COVID-19 market strength

Prioritization of Lean Six Sigma project selection criteria using Best Worst Method

An index-based sustainability assessment framework for manufacturing organizations

A systematic literature review of lean manufacturing implementation in manufacturing-based sectors of the developing and developed countries

Multi-objective mixed-integer linear optimization model for sustainable closed-loop supply chain network: a case study on remanufacturing steering column

Reliability and Maintainability of a Forging Plant

Big data applications to take up major challenges across manufacturing industries: A brief review

Effect of Environmental Management Practices and Sustainability on Some Selected Manufacturing Firms in South East Nigeria

Cultural Nuances in Work Attitudes and Behaviors: Towards a Model of African Work Culture

Analysis of Barriers to Industry 4.0 adoption in Manufacturing Organizations: an ISM Approach

Assessment of circular economy enablers: Hybrid ISM and fuzzy MICMAC approach

The Effect of Toolkits Usage on Firms’ Co-Creation and Innovation: An Empirical Study on Malaysian Manufacturing Firms

Socially responsible supply chain initiatives and their outcomes: a taxonomy of manufacturing companies

Measuring Lean Culture: Designing a Research Instrument

Servitization strategy, manufacturing organizations and firm performance: a theoretical framework

Conceptualizing a Resilient Supply Chain Paradigm in Service Industry

Using Text Visualization to Aid the Analysis of Machine Maintenance Logs

Determining the components of service value creation in academic libraries through knowledge sharing

Identifying and Analyzing the Factors Affecting Disassembly of Products in Remanufacturing Organizations

Impact of GHRM on Organization’s Environmental Performance: Mediating Role of Green Employee Empowerment

Environmental Logistic Management, Stakeholders Pressures and Sustainable Performance

Addressing Voluntary Turnover in Manufacturing Sectors: An Empirical Study

I regret to hide knowledge: a coping strategy model

Critical Barriers to PLM Institutionalization in Manufacturing Organizations

Employee-Oriented CSR and Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior: The Role of Perceived Insider Status and Ethical Climate Rules

Pursuing a sustainable competitive advantage through product design: what matters the most?

Perceived benefits of CRM in selected Industries

Towards Digitalization in Bio-Manufacturing Operations: A Survey on Application of Big Data and Digital Twin Concepts in Denmark

Relating agility and electronic integration: The role of knowledge and process coordination mechanisms

Manufacturing organization transformation – How customization of project life cycle and project governance for custom solution enhances the chances of success

An ISM Analysis of the Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementation

Do Green HRM Practices Matter in Shaping Sustainable Performance Among ISO 14001-Certified Malaysian Manufacturing Firms? A Mixed-Method Approach

Proactive Employee Behaviors and Organizational Development: The Role of Self-Efficacy as a Moderator

Analyzing barriers for the adoption of circular economy in the manufacturing sector

The Effect of Teaching–Learning Environments on Student’s Engagement with Lean Mindset

Role of green financing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in technological innovation and corporate environmental performance: a COVID-19 perspective

Data-driven manufacturing: An assessment model for data science maturity

Adoption of product lifecycle management in new product development: a case study of automotive organisation


An Integrated Approach for the Operational Design of a Cellular Manufacturing System

Quality and safety management practices: The theory of quality management approach.

Small molecules hold sway at DCAT Week

Meta-heuristics algorithm for two-machine no-wait flow-shop scheduling problem with the effects of learning

Challenges and Issues of ICT in Industry 4.0

The combination of the MOORA method and the Copeland Score method as a Group Decision Support System (GDSS) Vendor Selection

Inter Adaptive Response Adjustment to Environment Relationship by Administrative Communication

A novel classification of supply chain risks: Scale development and validation

The True Pillars of Quality Management: How to View Them

Interpretive structural modelling based analysis of sustainable manufacturing enablers

The Impact of Green Supply Chain Management on Firm Performance: A Case of Manufacturing Industry of Karachi

Operations managers’ individual competencies for mass customization

Adoption mechanisms of a supplier portal: A case study in the European aerospace industry

Mediating effect of employee’s commitment on workplace spirituality and executive’ssales performance: An empirical investigation

Formal ontologies in manufacturing

Exploring the Underlying Dimensions of Job Satisfaction in Quality Management Practices

The Influence of Manufacturing Plant Site Selection on Environmental Impact of Machining Processes

Sustainability knowledge and training: outcomes and firm performance

Moderation of Housing-Related Factors on Psychological Capital–Job Embeddedness Association

Comprehensive supply chain management model

Relationship of 5S, TPM and SMS to Enhance Safety Performance of Manufacturing Industry

Fuzzy Entropy based MOORA Model for Selecting Material for Mushroom in Viet Nam

Система информации и информирования специалистов о лекарственных средствах в Российской Федерации: история и современная реальность

Organizational Learning for Construction Project Management

Mapping Structural Relationships Among the Critical Factors of FMS Flexibility

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