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The nordic maintenance care program: patient experience of maintenance care—a qualitative study

The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: Patient Experience of Maintenance Care - A Qualitative Study

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A Manual Bristleless Toothbrush Demonstrates Slight Improvement in Gingival Recession Compared to a Conventional Soft Manual Brush.

Root coverage stability with acellular dermal matrix in multiple gingival recessions in esthetic zone: A clinical case report with 12-year follow-up

Maintenance Care sentence examples within Catheter Maintenance Care

Exploring the Influences of Continuous Self-Management Education on the Self-Care Skills and Health Behavior of Patients with PICC Intubation

Modulation of the Oral Microbiome to Improve Oral Health and Reduce BSI from Oral Flora in Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Preclinical evaluation of passive disinfection caps with a long-term catheter for the prevention of catheter-related bloodstream infection in pediatric cancer patients

A multidisciplinary intervention to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infection in pediatrics and neonatal intensive care units.

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Management of Nonhealable and Maintenance Wounds: A Systematic Integrative Review and Referral Pathway

Predicting the Cost of Dental Care Using a Probability Model


Editorial: Rheumatology at the center of coronavirus disease 2019: pathogenesis, treatment, and clinical care

Perspectives of hospital leaders and staff on patient education for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections.

BMP4 micro-immunotherapy increases collagen deposition and reduces PGE2 release in human gingival fibroblasts and increases tissue viability of engineered 3D gingiva under inflammatory conditions.

Impact of day hospital care on adherence to psychiatric follow-up appointments and medications in patients with delusional disorder

Treatment trends in periodontics.

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Periodontal Maintenance: A Necessity for Treatment Success

Atopic dermatitis made easy: The Schachner Ladder

Risk factors associated with long-term outcomes after active and supporting periodontal treatments: impact of various compliance definitions on tooth loss

Maintenance therapy for teeth and implants

Assessing the Use of Glycine Powder Air Polishing in Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Risk factors for recurrence of periodontal disease in patients in maintenance care in a private practice.

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Maintenance Care 유지 관리

Maintenance Care 유지 관리
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