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Main Chamber sentence examples within Tokamak Main Chamber

Modelling of tungsten contamination and screening in WEST plasma discharges

Modification of SXB Method for Hydrogen in ITER Main Chamber

Main Chamber sentence examples within main chamber wall

Plasma edge simulations including realistic wall geometry with SOLPS-ITER

Reassessing energy deposition for the ITER 5 MA vertical displacement event with an improved DINA model

Predictive modeling of a lithium vapor box divertor in NSTX-U using SOLPS-ITER

Dust generation and accumulation in JET-ILW: morphology and stability of co-deposits on main plasma-facing components and wall probes

Influence of pre-chamber structure and injection parameters on engine performance and combustion characteristics in a turbulent jet ignition (TJI) engine

Impact of the new TCV baffled divertor upgrade on pedestal structure and performance

Data on erosion and hydrogen fuel retention in Beryllium plasma-facing materials

Celestial Aspects of Hittite Religion, Part 2: Cosmic Symbolism at Yazilikaya

Extraction of negative hydrogen ions using a plasma electrode covered by Ta or Ti

Towards assessment of plasma edge transport in Neon seeded plasmas in disconnected double null configuration in EAST with SOLPS-ITER

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Performance metrics for fueled and unfueled turbulent jet igniters in a rapid compression machine

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Combining in-cylinder pressure and 1D simulation tools to understand the combustion characteristics of natural gas in pre-chamber ignition systems for energy generation

CFD-guided development of a pre-chamber ignition system for internal combustion engines

Effects of hydrogen enrichment on the combustion and emission characteristics of a turbulent jet ignited medium speed natural gas engine: A numerical study

Experimental observation of lean flammability limits using turbulent jet ignition with auxiliary hydrogen and methane in pre-chamber

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Mapping of Kedaton Archaeological Sites Using Geomagnetic Methods (Preliminary Study)

The «D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic System of the Elements» Mural Near the Mendeleev Institute for Metrology in Saint Petersburg: How Metrologists Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Scientist

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Identification of bacteria causing Vibriosis (Vibrio sp) on white snapper (Lates calcarifer) reared in the marine cultivation ponds

Analysis of mass transfer in marine engine with prechamber combustion spark ignition system

Role of overdriven state of ignition wave in pre-detonators on detonation transition modes in a flat chamber

Combustion sensitivity to the nozzle hole size in an active pre-chamber ultra-lean heavy-duty natural gas engine

The staged combustion of hydrogen-gasoline fuels in Divided Chamber Combustor.(Dept.M)

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Combustion analysis of a stratified pre-chamber ignition system by means of a zero-dimensional turbulence and flame speed model

Pressure Load Characteristics of Explosions in an Adjacent Chamber

Optimization of the computation of total and local radiated power at ASDEX Upgrade

Effect of fuel property on the ignition and combustion characteristics of prechamber ignition

Transient Ignition of Premixed Methane/Air Mixtures by a Pre-chamber Hot Jet: a DNS Study

End-Permian Trace Fossil Dolopichnus and the Stresses of Ash Fall

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Evaluation of the passive pre-chamber ignition concept for future high compression ratio turbocharged spark-ignition engines

Control-oriented analysis of a lean-burn light-duty natural gas research engine with scavenged pre-chamber ignition

Electron Magnetohydrodynamics Magnetic Reconnection Experiment on Keda Linear Magnetized Plasma Device

Dealing with Sudden Cardiac Death: Who Deserves Device Implantation

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Combustion analysis of a SI engine with stratified and homogeneous pre-chamber ignition system using ethanol and hydrogen

3-D digital outcrop model for analysis of brittle deformation and lithological mapping (Lorette cave, Belgium)

A Novel Approach for Energy Harvesting from Feedback Fluidic Oscillator

Double-chambered Left Ventricle: Clinical Features Comparison between Children and Adults.

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Development of a distributed ferromagnetic enhanced inductively coupled plasma source for plasma processing

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On the effects of missing chords and systematic errors on a new tomographic method for JET bolometry

Optical investigation of prechamber combustion in an RCEM

Large Eddy Simulation of Pre-Chamber Ignition in an Internal Combustion Engine

Direct Numerical Simulation of Low Frequency Instability in a Hybrid Rocket with Equivalence Ratio Effects

Scrape-off layer density tailoring with local gas puffing to maximize ICRF power coupling in ITER

Prechamber optimal selection for a two stage turbulent jet ignition type combustion system in CNG-fuelled engine

Cumulative deformation and original geometry of the Bushveld Complex

A simplified lithium vapor box divertor

Dependence of neutral pressure on detachment in the small angle slot divertor at DIII-D

2019 Ig Nobel Prizes

A high-pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy instrument for studies of industrially relevant catalytic reactions at pressures of several bars

A new high-precision timely monitoring and metering system for early kick and loss

Fully integrated and slidable paper-embedded plastic microdevice for point-of-care testing of multiple foodborne pathogens.


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Material migration and fuel retention studies during the JET carbon divertor campaigns

Study on Point-to-Ring Corona Based Gyroscope


King Philip’s II of Macedonia Tomb Revisited. The Female Remains in the Antechamber are Still Unidentifiable

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