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A microstructural-based approach to model magneto-viscoelastic materials at finite strains

Nonlinear Feedback Control of the Inductrack System Based on a Transient Model

A numerical simulation method of nonlinear magnetic flux leakage testing signals for nondestructive evaluation of plastic deformation in a ferromagnetic material

An explicit dissipative model for isotropic hard magnetorheological elastomers

Research on transient multi-field coupling model of GMM under variable pressure in embedded GMA

Output characteristics and experimental study of a highly linear and large-range force sensor based on the Villari effect

Microstructural modelling of hard-magnetic soft materials: Dipole–dipole interactions versus Zeeman effect

Magneto-Mechanical Coupling in Magneto-Active Elastomers

Lightweight, multifunctional materials based on magnetic shape memory alloys

The friction parameter regulation of magnetorheological elastomers by the initial arrangement and evolution of microscopic ferromagnetic particles

Integrity bases for cubic nonlinear magnetostriction

Equivalent circuit method based on complete magneto-mechanical coupling magnetostriction parameters for fixed magnetoelectric composites

From magneto-elastic impedance model to accurate magneto-mechanical coefficient measurements.

Study for Influence of Harmonic Magnetic Fields on Vibration Properties of Core of Anode Saturable Reactor in HVDC Converter Valve System

New experimental insights into magneto-mechanical rate dependences of magnetorheological elastomers

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Magneto Mechanical Coupling 자기 기계식 커플링

Magneto Mechanical Coupling 자기 기계식 커플링
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