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Magnetic-responsive hydrogels: From strategic design to biomedical applications.

3D printable, tough, magnetic hydrogels with programmed magnetization for fast actuation.

Mussel-inspired magnetic pullulan hydrogels for enhancing catalytic degradation of antibiotics from biomedical wastewater

Composite polymer hydrogels with high and reversible elongation under magnetic stimuli

Magnetic hydrogel with long in situ retention time for self-regulating temperature hyperthermia.

Fabrication of patterned magnetic hydrogels by ion transfer printing.

Properties, synthesis, characterization and application of hydrogel and magnetic hydrogels: A concise review

Biomedical applications of magnetic hydrogels

Magnetic double-network hydrogels for tissue hyperthermia and drug release.

Shape Morphing of Hydrogels in Alternating Magnetic Field.

Continuous magnetic droplets and microfluidics: generation, manipulation, synthesis and detection

Adhesive Tough Magnetic Hydrogels with High Fe3O4 Content.

Magnetic Dehydrodipeptide-Based Self-Assembled Hydrogels for Theragnostic Applications

Magneto-Responsive Hydrogels: Preparation, Characterization, Biotechnological and Environmental Applications

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