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Statistical study of linear magnetic hole structures near Earth

First Observations of an Ion Vortex in a Magnetic Hole in the Solar Wind by MMS

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Foreshock as a Source Region of Electron-scale Magnetic Holes in the Solar Wind at 1 au

The statistical research on the Kinetic- scale magnetic hole in magnetosheath

Evidence of Subproton‐Scale Magnetic Holes in the Venusian Magnetosheath

MMS observations of electron scale magnetic cavity embedded in proton scale magnetic cavity

SOTE: A Nonlinear Method for Magnetic Topology Reconstruction in Space Plasmas

Permalloy (NiFe) nanometer square-antidot arrays: Dynamic modes and use as a monolithic microwave band-pass filter

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Magnetic Hole 마그네틱 홀

Magnetic Hole 마그네틱 홀
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