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Educational Pathways and Skills : Past, Present and Future

Financial contagion and economic development: An epidemiological approach

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Global Uncertainty, Shocks, and Macroeconomic Performance: The Cases of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand

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Macroeconomic stabilisation and monetary policy effectiveness in a low-interest-rate environment

Macroeconomic stabilisation and monetary policy effectiveness in a low-interest-rate environment

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Private Equity Real Estate Fund Performance: A Comparison to REITs and Open-End Core Funds

Progress on Australia and Russia KLEMS

Dollarization and macroeconomic performance in Cambodia since the first 1993 general election

Demand and supply-side determinants of electric power consumption and representative roadmaps to 100% renewable systems

Feeling Insecure and Blaming Immigrants: Relationship Between Subjective Risks and Welfare Chauvinism

The complex relationship between inflation and equity returns

Collaborative management of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam increases economic benefits and resilience

Monthly Composite Macroeconomic Performance Score based Country Rankings Assessing Early Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Feeling Insecure and Blaming Immigrants: relationship between subjective risks and welfare chauvinism

The comparison of economic impacts of COVID-19 between China and the United States

Monetary Policy and Economic Performance Since the Financial Crisis

Macroeconomic Trends among Visegrád Countries, EU Balkans, and the U.S., 1991-2021

Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on India’s Manufacturing Exports: An Empirical Investigation on Long-Run Relation

Economic crisis, labour market reform and socio-economic outcomes in Eastern Europe

Reprint: Monetary policy news in the US: Effects on emerging market capital flows

Nestedness-Based Measurement of Evolutionarily Stable Equilibrium of Global Production System

Triangular Policy Inference from Renewable Energy, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Urbanization Towards Climate Goal: Insight from Indonesia

Analysis of the innovative development of circumpolar countries in the context of the fourth industrial revolution

Economic Crisis and Its Effects on International Trade

A quantitative approach for analysis of macroeconomic resilience due to socio-economic shocks

Crisis, austerity, and fiscal expenditure in Greece: recent experience and future prospects in the post-COVID-19 era

On the China factor in the world oil market: A regime switching approach

Nestedness-Based Measurement of Evolutionarily Stable Equilibrium of Global Production System

A Step towards enhancement of Macroeconomic Performance of Pakistan: Do Oil Price, Public Expenditures and Financial Development Matter?

Central and Eastern European economies in a Goldilocks age: A model of labor market institutional choice

Interlinkages among Terrorism, Macroeconomic Instability, Political Instability, and Economic Growth in Pakistan

Sentiment and uncertainty about regulation

Covid-19 pandemic and economic performances of the states in India

Waves of the IPO market: The history and emergence

Assessing the renewable energy policy paradox: A scenario analysis for the Italian electricity market

FCTC Ratification, Smoking Prevalence and GDP per Capita : Lesson Learn for Indonesia


A fejlődés és fejlettség sokfélesége a számok tükrében = A GDP és néhány alternatív mutató értékének összevetése a világ országaiban

Innovation, Macroeconomic Effects, and Environmental Degradation

The Relationship Between Stockmarket Development And The Performance of The Nigerian Economy

Activity of the Regional Polish United Workers’ Party Apparatus in 1970–1989

Sustainable Natural Resource Management to Ensure Strategic Environmental Development

Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Outcomes; Fresh Evidences from a scenario-based NK-DSGE analysis for oil-exporting countries

The effect of remittance and volatility in remittances on macroeconomic performance in Africa: any lessons for COVID-19?

The Euro – A German Perspective

When and Why Do Stock and Bond Markets Predict Economic Growth?

Testing the predictive ability of house price bubbles for macroeconomic performance: A meta-analytic approach

Relationship between Volatility of Economics Variables and Economics Growth

Report of the Board of Directors to the Congress of Colombia - March 2019

Structural transformation in emerging economies: leading sectors and the balanced growth hypothesis

Oil price shock and macroeconomic performance in Nigeria: Implication on employment

Crude oil price shocks and macroeconomic performance in Africa’s oil-producing countries

Fiscal policy in extraordinary times: A perspective from Australia’s experience in the global recession

Macroeconomic consequences of state fragility in sub‐Saharan Africa

Oil booms and subnational public investment: a case-study for Colombia

The performance of the brazilian economy: The development of inflation, growth and unemployment

Performance and Potential of Central Government Revenue: A Panel Data Analysis for Oil Exporting and Importing Countries

Global financial cycle and Brazil’s financial integration

The resilience of collective bargaining – a renewed logic for joint regulation?

State-Owned Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Assessing Performance and Oversight

Towards a New Economic Development Framework for the United States: The Challenge of the Developmental State Approach

Spatial spillover around G20 stock markets and impact on the return: a spatial econometrics approach

The global macroeconomic burden of road injuries: estimates and projections for 166 countries.

Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Transmissions between Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Performance: Evidence from South Asian Countries


The Specialties of the Pharmaceutical Value Chains in Hungary

Is There Evidence of the Trade-Off in Output and Inflation Volatilities in South Africa?