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Machine Models sentence examples within artificial neural network

Interpretable machine learning for predicting and evaluating hydrogen production via supercritical water gasification of biomass

Estimation of total dissolved solids in Zayandehrood River using intelligent models and PCA

Machine Models sentence examples within support vector machine

Radiomics models based on enhanced computed tomography to distinguish clear cell from non-clear cell renal cell carcinomas

A hybrid acceleration strategy for nonparallel support vector machine

Machine Models sentence examples within multiscale permutation entropy

A fault diagnosis method combined with compound multiscale permutation entropy and particle swarm optimization–support vector machine for roller bearings diagnosis

Machine Models sentence examples within Vector Machine Models

Distinguishing different subclasses of water bodies for long-term and large-scale statistics of lakes: a case study of the Yangtze River basin from 2008 to 2018

Studies on production, optimization and machine learning-based prediction of biosurfactant from Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767

Machine Models sentence examples within State Machine Models

Live modeling in the context of state machine models and code generation

Elevated Penetration Attack Models of Virtual Machine Escape Based on FSM

Machine Models sentence examples within Boosting Machine Models

Estimation of modified expansive soil CBR with multivariate adaptive regression splines, random forest and gradient boosting machine

Ranking of a wide multidomain set of predictor variables of children obesity by machine learning variable importance techniques

Machine Models sentence examples within Learning Machine Models

Integration of Deep Learning Machine Models with Conventional Diagnostic Tools in Medical Image Analysis for Detection and Diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Neural network, ARX, and extreme learning machine models for the short-term prediction of temperature in buildings

Machine Models sentence examples within Different Machine Models

Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Legacy Injection Machines

Evaluation of Cognitive Architectures for Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Machine Models sentence examples within Synchronou Machine Models

Accuracy Evaluation of Synchronous Generator Models in PSAT

A rotary frequency converter model for electromechanical transient studies of 1623 Hz railway systems

Machine Models sentence examples within Induction Machine Models

A Comprehensive Induction Machine Model for Multi-Phase Power Flow Studies – Application to Industrial Power Systems and Wind Farms

Novel Method for Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis of Induction Machines Containing Space Harmonics

Machine Models sentence examples within Sequential Machine Models

The effect of jumping modes on various automata models

Enhancement of Automata with Jumping Modes

Machine Models sentence examples within Element Machine Models

Modeling Skew by Single- and Multi-Slice 2-D Machine Models

Analyzing the Dynamic Characteristics of Milling Tool Using Finite Element Method and Receptance Coupling Method

Machine Models sentence examples within machine models built

Application of Bioactivity Profile-Based Fingerprints for Building Machine Learning Models

In silico Design, Virtual Screening and Synthesis of Novel Electrolytic Solvents

A step towards Improving Knowledge Tracing

Parallel hybrid linear-switched power amplifier and control strategy for machine emulation

A Derived Reasonable Abstract Machine for Strong Call by Value

IDMPF: intelligent diabetes mellitus prediction framework using machine learning

Newly-single and loving it: improving higher-order must-alias analysis with heap fragments

Multi-Stage Optimization of Induction Machines Using Methods for Model and Parameter Selection

Design and optimisation of a novel asymmetric rotor structure for a PM-assisted synchronous reluctance machine

First Course in Algorithms Through Puzzles

Symmetry breaking in congested models: lower and upper bounds

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Synthesizing Mutable Configurations: Setting up Systems for Success

Comparative Analysis of Slotless and Coreless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Electric Aircraft Propulsion

Modelling of CNC Machine Tools for Augmented Reality Assistance Applications using Microsoft Hololens

Standstill Frequency Response Test and Validation of a Large Hydrogenerator

Automatic Throughput and Critical Path Analysis of x86 and ARM Assembly Kernels

GIS-based machine learning models for mapping tar mat zones in upper part (DJ unit) of Zubair Formation in North Rumaila supergiant oil field, southern Iraq

Behavioral Strengths and Weaknesses of Various Models of Limited Automata

Comparative Evaluation of Simplified and Complex IPM Machine Models on Control Development for Traction Applications

More Machine Models 기계 모델 sentence examples

Automated detection of shockable and non-shockable arrhythmia using novel wavelet-based ECG features

Back EMF, Torque–Angle, and Core Loss Characterization of a Variable-Flux Permanent-Magnet Machine

State grammars with stores

SAGE: A Hybrid Geopolitical Event Forecasting System

Comparison of novel environmental control systems in aircrafts based on a vapor compression cycle.

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