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Методы повышения надёжности работы подшипниковых узлов в тяговых асинхронных машинах

An Ana lysis of Damages Inflicted to the Bearing of Rolling Stock Traction Machines Powered by Frequency and Voltage Converters

An AI-based Prediction-as-a-Service Model for Estimating Machine Bearing Health Status in Industry 4.0 5G Applications

Vibration monitoring and analysis of ball bearing using GSD platform

Common-Mode Voltage Mitigation of Dual Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters in a Motor Drive Application

Determination of Machinery Vibration in Radial Sliding Bearings with Integrated Liquid Dampers

Parametric modeling and residual life prediction of spindle bearing of decommissioned machine tool

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Machine Bearing 기계 베어링

Machine Bearing 기계 베어링
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