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Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Analyses Reveals That Exogenous Methyl Jasmonate Regulates Galanthamine Biosynthesis in Lycoris longituba Seedlings

LED Light Quality Affect Growth, Alkaloids Contents, and Expressions of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids Biosynthetic Pathway Genes in Lycoris longituba

Detection of Imatinib Based on Electrochemical Sensor Constructed Using Biosynthesized Graphene-Silver Nanocomposite

Characterisation of the complete chloroplast genome of Lycoris longituba (Amaryllidaceae)

Integrating Transcriptomic and GC-MS Metabolomic Analysis to Characterize Color and Aroma Formation during Tepal Development in Lycoris longituba

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Lycoris Longituba 리코리스 롱기바

Lycoris Longituba 리코리스 롱기바
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