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Preventing rollover phenomenon with an active anti-roll bar system using electro-hydraulic actuators: A full car model

A novel adaptive-rear axles steering controller for an 8 × 8 combat vehicle

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A contemporary adaptive air suspension using LQR control for passenger vehicles.

Tracking Aggregate Active-and Reactive-power Setpoints for a Collection of Dispatchable Inverters

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Flatness-based Control of a Gimballed Fixed-Wing UAS

On the Implementation of Fuzzy VMC for an Under Actuated System

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Disturbance-observer-based LQR control of singularly perturbed systems via recursive decoupling methods

Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling and PSO-Based Robust LQR Anti-Swing Control for Overhead Crane

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LQR Discrete Controller Tuning for a TWIP Robot Based on Genetic Algorithms

Path tracking control for a robot-trailer system in the presence of measurement bias

Research on attitude control strategy of Two-DOF helicopter based on LabVIEW

Multibody Dynamics Modeling and Control of Wheelchair Balancing System

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LQR and PID Control Design for a Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

Control of Slosh Instability: Experimental Verification with Underactuated Double Inverted Pendulum System

Research on LHD (Scraper) Path Tracking Control Based on LQR and Predict Pose Information

Piezoelectric Beam Finite Element Model and Its Reduction and Control

Position and Swing Angle Control of Nonlinear Gantry Crane System

Research on control of solid rocket electric actuator based on LQR

LQR control on multimode vortex-induced vibration of flexible riser undergoing shear flow

On the ability of sliding mode and LQR controllers optimized with PSO in attitude control of a flexible 4-DOF satellite with time-varying payload

Autonomous Collision Avoidance Using MPC with LQR-Based Weight Transformation

Guidance Algorithm for Reentry Vehicle Considering Target Maneuvering and No-fly Zone Constraints

Fast Real-Time Model Predictive Control for a Ball-on-Plate Process

Discrete Adaptive Control Allocation

Application of the hybrid genetic particle swarm algorithm to design the linear quadratic regulator controller for the accelerator power supply

Comparison of various controller design for the speed control of DC motors used in two wheeled mobile robots

An effective proportional-double derivative-linear quadratic regulator controller for quadcopter attitude and altitude control

Optimized Control Design of LQR for Flexible Joint Manipulator

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Control of TWIR using LQR Controller and Compound Disturbance Observer

Trajectory Tracking of a 2-DOF Helicopter System using Fuzzy Controller Approach

The Global Control of First Order Rotary Parallel Double Inverted Pendulum System

The Quadrotor Position Control Based on MPC with Adaptation

Intelligent Vehicle Lateral Control Method Based on Feedforward + Predictive LQR Algorithm

Active steering control based on preview theory for articulated heavy vehicles

Robust Control of DFIG Based Wind Energy System Using an $$H_{\infty }$$ Controller

Multibody Modeling and Balance Control of a Reaction Wheel Inverted Pendulum Using LQR Controller

A nonlinear hybrid controller for swinging-up and stabilizing the rotary inverted pendulum

Probabilistic Active Control of Structures using a Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Multiple-model control architecture for a quadrotor with constant unknown mass and inertia

A Study on Stability Boundary of Highly Flexible Aircraft With Saturation Constraint

Genetic Algorithm Based LQR Control for AGV Path Tracking Problem

Stabilization of Double Inverted Pendulum (DIP) on a Cart using Optimal Adaptive Sliding Mode Control (OASMC)

Proportional Double Derivative Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller Using Improvised Grey Wolf Optimization Technique to Control Quadcopter

A convex combination strategy in event-triggered robust MPC for linear discrete-time systems with bounded disturbances

Reaction Wheel Control of an 3D Printed Inverted Pendulum

A New Approach for Control of Two-wheeled Mobile Robot

Researches on 4WIS-4WID Stability with LQR Coordinated 4WS and DYC

Improved Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Control for A Flying Inverted Pendulum

Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation on Identifying Road Signs using ANN

The linear quadratic regular algorithm-based control system of the direct current motor

Coupling Load-Following Control With OPF

Analysis of the LQR algorithm in the field of testing the dynamics of quadcopter movement

Finite time position and heading tracking control of coaxial octorotor based on extended inverse multi-quadratic radial basis function network and external disturbance observer

Testing of a torque vectoring controller for a Formula Student prototype

A novel torque vectoring system for enhancing vehicle stability

Error-State LQR Control of a Multirotor UAV

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Control of a Double Pendulum Crane System Using PSO-Tuned LQR

Terminal region characterization and stability analysis of discrete time quasi-infinite horizon nonlinear model predictive control

Bounded-Error LQR-Trees

MMAE/LQR Yaw Control System of a Quadrotor for Constant Unknown Inertia

Model-Based Design for a Self-Balancing Robot using the Arduino Micro-Controller Board

Design of Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller for Sepic Converter

Comparative Analysis on Depth Control of an Underwater Vehicle

On the Effect of Slung Load on Quadrotor Performance

Position & Attitude Control of an Aerial Robot (Quadrotor) With Intelligent PID and State feedback LQR Controller: A Comparative Approach

Performance Comparison and Validation of Controllers for an Inverted Pendulum System

Path Tracking Control for a Double Steering Off-Road Mobile Robot

Cable Manipulation with a Tactile-Reactive Gripper

A Synthetic LQR Control for The Planar Inverted Pendulum