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Environmental factors shaping assemblages of ostracods (Crustacea: Ostracoda) in springs situated in the River Krąpiel valley (NW Poland)

Demonstration of an aggregated biomarker response approach to assess the impact of point and diffuse contaminant sources in feral fish in a small river case study.

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The analysis of streamflow variability and flood wave characteristics on the two lowland rivers in Croatia

Molecular phylogeny of the ghost knifefishes (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae).

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Ecology and fluvial dynamics of an Early Holocene medium‐sized European lowland river valley (Upper Scheldt, northern Belgium)

How many indicator species are required to assess the ecological status of a river?

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Late Quaternary evolution of a lowland anastomosing river system: Geological-topographic inheritance, non-uniformity and implications for biodiversity and management

Sediment Transport and Water Flow Resistance in Alluvial River Channels: Modified Model of Transport of Non-Uniform Grain-Size Sediments

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Dissolved organic matter and metabolic dynamics in dryland lowland rivers.

Diel changeover of fish assemblages in shallow sandy habitats of lowland rivers of different sizes

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Peatland subsidence enhances cultivated lowland flood risk

Local Factors Determining Spatially Heterogeneous Channel Migration in a Low-Energy Stream

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The effect of geological channel structures on floodplain morphodynamics of lowland rivers: A case study from the Bug River, Poland

A High-Resolution Airborne Color-Infrared Camera Water Mask for the NASA ABoVE Campaign

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A Model-Based Tool for Assessing the Impact of Land Use Change Scenarios on Flood Risk in Small-Scale River Systems—Part 1: Pre-Processing of Scenario Based Flood Characteristics for the Current State of Land Use

Revision of the South American catfish genus Hypophthalmus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) with descriptions of two new species from the Amazon and Orinoco Basins

Environmental DNA reveals the temporal and spatial extent of spawning migrations of European shad in a highly fragmented river basin

Anthropogenic records in a fluvial depositional system: The Odra River along The Czech-Polish border

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A method for design of the optimal structure of autonomous distributed hybrid energy complexes, and regulation of the energy balance therein

Few floods govern decades of suspended sediment flux in German upland rivers

Flow spreading behind a combined dam with a through part of tetrahedrons on foothill rivers

Exploring river–aquifer interactions and hydrological system response using baseflow separation, impulse response modelling and time series analysis in three temperate lowland catchments

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Urbanization and hydrological conditions drive the spatial and temporal variability of microplastic pollution in the Garonne River.

Modern problems in assessment of hydraulic resistance

Increased flood height driven by local factors on a regulated river with a confined floodplain, Lower Tisza, Hungary

The fate of fluvially-deposited organic carbon during transient floodplain storage

Internal loading of phosphate in rivers reduces at higher flow velocity and is reduced by iron rich sand application: an experimental study in flumes.

Erodibility of fine sediment deposits in gravel bed rivers: investigation of the spatial variability

Urban geomorphology of the Vistula River valley in Warsaw

Effect of a Summer Flood on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in a Medium-Sized, Temperate, Lowland River

Recent advances on bedform research and application: Process-based to machine learning

Morphometric and location factors shaping sediment texture in small floodplain reservoirs

Metal geochemistry in suspended and bed sediments in the eutrophic lowland Salado River basin (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Changes in floodplain geo-ecology in the Belgian loess belt during the first millennium AD

Comment on bg-2021-132

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Combined use of native and transplanted moss for post-mining characterization of metal(loid) river contamination.

Assessment of the Impact of Small Hydropower Plants on the Ecological Status Indicators of Water Bodies: A Case Study in Lithuania

Causes and Consequences of Changes in Riparian Vegetation for Plant Litter Decomposition Throughout River Networks

Stream temperature evolution in Switzerland over the last 50 years

River modification reduces climate resilience of brown trout (Salmo trutta) populations in Ireland

Protection of river downstream of hydropower plant

Diversity patterns of native and exotic fish species suggest homogenization processes, but partly fail to highlight extinction threats

A Hotspot Atop: Rivers of the Guyana Highlands Hold High Diversity of Endemic Pencil Catfish

Vertical and longitudinal variations in plant communities of drawdown zone of a monsoonal riverine reservoir in South Korea

Preservation of organic carbon during active fluvial transport and particle abrasion

Effects of dredging on the vegetation in a small lowland river

Основные закономерности соотношения русловой и бассейновой составляющих эрозии и стока взвешенных наносов в речных бассейнах США

Predicting the contributions of novel marine prey resources from angling and anadromy to the diet of a freshwater apex predator

Forest development in a restored floodplain: effects of grazing, inundation and vegetation

Increased population size of fish in a lowland river following restoration of structural habitat

Using lakes and rivers for extraction and disposal of heat: Estimate of regional potentials

An invasion in progress - Sinanodonta woodiana (Lea, 1834) (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Poland.

Longitudinal variability in the zooplankton community of the upper Ob river

River Health Assessment of Mohana Watershed, Nepal: Implication for River Conservation

Experimental evidence for the decline of submerged vegetation in freshwater ecosystems by the invasive Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

An Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Trends in the Central Himalayan Region Based on MODIS Products

Low-gradient, single-threaded rivers prior to greening of the continents

Hydrogeological Analysis Supported by Remote Sensing Methods as A Tool for Assessing the Safety of Embankments (Case Study from Vistula River Valley, Poland)

Macroinvertebrates as indicators of ecological conditions in the rivers of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Biogas production from submerged macrophytes—a case study of regional biomass potentials in Germany

The main regularities of the ratio between riverbed and basin components of erosion and suspended sediment yield in river basins of the USA

Environmental Variables Influencing Chironomid Assemblages (Diptera: Chironomidae) in Lowland Rivers of Central Poland

Sediment respiration contributes to phosphate release in lowland surface waters.

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Bream (Abramis brama L.) as zoogeomorphic agents and ecosystem engineers : implications for fine sediment transport in lowland rivers

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Lowland River 저지대 강

Lowland River 저지대 강
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