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Understanding the relationship between rainfall and flood probabilities through combined intensity-duration-frequency analysis

Contrasting seasonality of storm rainfall and flood runoff in the UK and some implications for rainfall-runoff methods of flood estimation

The value of satellite soil moisture and snow cover data for the transfer of hydrological model parameters to ungauged sites

Influences of land use changes on the dynamics of water quantity and quality in the German lowland catchment of the Stör

Late Quaternary evolution of a lowland anastomosing river system: Geological-topographic inheritance, non-uniformity and implications for biodiversity and management

River Temperature Evolution in Switzerland over the 21st Century

Focused and Diffuse Groundwater Recharge Studies in Latrobe Valley, Gippsland, Australia

Beyond binary baseflow separation: delayed flow index as a fresh perspective on streamflow contributions

A catchment partnership approach to delivering natural flood management in the Evenlode, UK

Simple model of evapotranspiration by Eucalyptus plantations for data poor areas and tested using water balance data from a small catchment in Guangxi, China

Water for all: Towards an integrated approach to wetland conservation and flood risk reduction in a lowland catchment in Scotland.

Clay minerals in the late Quaternary sediment of Tulare Lake, California: Implications for climate change, weathering, and erosion processes

Climate and Climate Change in the Drava-Mura Catchment

Delivering the Evenlode Natural Flood Management Pilot in the Thames through Partnership Working

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Lowland Catchment 저지대 유역

Lowland Catchment 저지대 유역
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