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Microbial rhodopsins are increasingly favoured over chlorophyll in High Nutrient Low Chlorophyll waters.

Global nutrient cycling by commercially-targeted marine fish

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Resistance of Terpenoids to Various Abiotic Stresses in Chamaecyparis obtusa

Summer and winter coccolithophore blooms in the Black Sea and their impact on production of dissolved organic matter from Bio-Argo data

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Mesophyll conductance, photoprotective process and optimal N partitioning are essential to the maintenance of photosynthesis at N deficient condition in a wheat yellow-green mutant (Triticum aestivum L.).

Thermodynamic uptake of atmospheric CO2 in the oligotrophic and semiarid São Francisco estuary (NE Brazil)

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Influence of atmospheric deposition on biogeochemical cycles in an oligotrophic ocean system

Exogenous salicylic acid alleviates the accumulation of pesticides and mitigates pesticide-induced oxidative stress in cucumber plants (Cucumis sativus L.).

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Thermodynamic uptake of atmospheric CO2 in the oligotrophic and semiarid São Francisco estuary (NE Brazil)

An Assessment and Improvement of Satellite Ocean Color Algorithms for the Tropical Pacific Ocean

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Glacial Dust Surpasses Both Volcanic Ash and Desert Dust in Its Iron Fertilization Potential

Reply to: No evidence for equatorial Pacific dust fertilization

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Physicochemical controls on the initiation of phytoplankton bloom during the winter monsoon in the Arabian Sea

Ocean biogeochemistry in the Canadian Earth System Model version 5.0.3: CanESM5 and CanESM5-CanOE

Changes in photosynthesis, growth and biomass composition in outdoor Chlorella g120 culture during the metabolic shift from heterotrophic to phototrophic cultivation regime

Influence of Estuarine Water on the Microbial Community Structure of Patagonian Fjords

Traits and drivers: Functioning of macrobenthic communities across the deep Fram Strait (Arctic Ocean)

Multi-Reservoir Water Quality Mapping from Remote Sensing Using Spatial Regression

Characterizations of Water Quality, and Potential Relationships of Nitrogen Components and Microbes in the Mulgol Pond on Dokdo, Korea

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Enhancement of EAPR Treatment Using Double Aeration System and Uptake by Pakcoy (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis)

Seasonal variation of water-column light utilization efficiency for primary production in Saroma-ko Lagoon

First reports of short-term temporal variations in crustacean species richness in north Patagonian coastal temporary pools

Metagenomic analysis provides functional insights into seasonal change of a non-cyanobacterial prokaryotic community in temperate coastal waters

High latitude Southern Ocean phytoplankton have distinctive bio-optical properties.

Detecting Climate Driven Changes in Chlorophyll-a in Deep Subalpine Lakes Using Long Term Satellite Data

Population demographics and growth rate of Salpa thompsoni on the Kerguelen Plateau

Effects of biomass burning on chlorophyll-a concentration and particulate organic carbon in the subarctic North Pacific Ocean based on satellite observations and WRF-Chem model simulations: A case study

Verifying the usefulness of macrophytes as an indicator of the status of small waterbodies.

The relationship between El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and oceanographic parameters in North Sulawesi waters

Metabolic Profiling and Gene Expression Analyses of Purple-Leaf Formation in Tea Cultivars (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis and var. assamica)

Research on retrieval of chlorophyll-a concentration in Danjiangkou-Fancheng reach of Han River based on Sentinel-2 satellite data

Assembly Processes and Co-occurrence Patterns of Abundant and Rare Bacterial Community in the Eastern Indian Ocean

Performance of a Handheld Chlorophyll-a Fluorometer: Potential Use for Rapid Algae Monitoring

Strengthened ocean-desert process in the North Pacific over the past two decades

High-Resolution Observations of Upwelling and Front in Daya Bay, South China Sea

Assessing the Skill of a High-Resolution Marine Biophysical Model Using Geostatistical Analysis of Mesoscale Ocean Chlorophyll Variability From Field Observations and Remote Sensing


Effect of Summer Typhoon Linfa on the Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Continental Shelf Region of Northern South China Sea

Environmental drivers of abundance and residency of a large migratory shark, Carcharhinus leucas, inshore of a dynamic western boundary current

Phytoplankton and Primary Production in the Japan Sea

Patterns of diatom diversity correlate with dissolved trace metal concentrations and longitudinal position in the northeast Pacific coastal-offshore transition zone

Optimizing pear micropropagation and rooting with light emitting diodes and trans-cinnamic acid

Biofloat observations of a phytoplankton bloom and carbon export in the Drake Passage

Spatio-temporal distribution modeling of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the Pacific Ocean off Peru using artisanal longline fishery data

Diurnal variation in the convection-driven vertical distribution of phytoplankton under ice and after ice-off in large Lake Onego (Russia)

What an Escherichia coli Mutant Can Teach Us About the Antibacterial Effect of Chlorophyllin

Links between microbial processing of organic matter and the thermohaline and productivity features of a temperate river-influenced Mediterranean coastal area

Differences in the photosynthetic and physiological responses of Leymus chinensis to different levels of grazing intensity

Influence of Coastal Oyashio water on massive spring diatom blooms in the Oyashio area of the North Pacific Ocean

Mesozooplankton characterization surrounding anthropogenic sewage inputs in the southeastern eutrophic Brazilian estuary of Guanabara Bay.

Factors Controlling the Lack of Phytoplankton Biomass in Naturally Iron Fertilized Waters Near Heard and McDonald Islands in the Southern Ocean

Organic matter distribution, composition and its possible fate in the Chilean North-Patagonian estuarine system.

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Low Chlorophyll 낮은 엽록소

Low Chlorophyll 낮은 엽록소
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