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Morphological variations and diagnostic characters of Chondrostoma regium populations in Iranian inland waters

Ambulance routing in disaster response considering variable patient condition: NSGA-II and MOPSO algorithms

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A policy analysis of agenda-setting of Brucellosis in Iran using a multiple-stream framework: health policy and historical implications

Description of Prionchulus Girchi Sp. Nov. (Nematoda: Mononchina) with Additional Data on Two Known Species of the Genus Prionchulus from Lorestan Province, Iran

Possible Association and Risk Factors of Blastocystis Infection and Colorectal Cancers in Western Iran

Detection of Fasciola Hepatica in Lori Sheep Using Polymerase Chain Reaction and Conventional Diagnostic Methods in Western Iran.

The Prediction of Hospital Stress Based on Self-Actualization and Life Orientations (Optimism and Pessimism) in Female Nurses


Land suitability assessment (LSA) for aquaculture site selection via an integrated GIS-DANP multi-criteria method; a case study of lorestan province, Iran

Determination of flood prone areas with FR, SI and Shannon models in order to reduce flood risks (Case study: Kashkan watershed)

Groundwater quality assessment using Aq.QA and GIS technique in Azna city, Lorestan province, Iran

Effect of using dimensional stone waste sourced from Lorestan Province on the performance of high-strength self-compacting concrete

The role of childhood traumas, interpersonal problems, and contrast avoidance model in development of the generalized anxiety disorder: A structural equation modeling.

Emerging Cases of Fascioliasis in Lorestan Province, Western Iran: Case Series Report

Mechanism of landslide damming in Morzarrin Valley and its consequences, Lorestan Province, western Iran

Ethnopharmacological Studies of Medicinal Plants in Central Zagros, Lorestan Province, Iran.

Distinguishing between three modern Ellobius species (Rodentia, Mammalia) and identification of fossil Ellobius from Kaldar Cave (Iran) using geometric morphometric analyses of the first lower molar

Seroprevalence of Q Fever in Lorestan Province Veterinary Staff Using IFA Method

Mineralogy, geochemistry, 13C and 16O isotopic characteristics of urinary stones in Iran, a case study of Lorestan Province

Investigation of the Resistance and Sensitivity of Infectious Bacteria to Dendrostellera lessertii and Chemical Composition Analysis

Monitoring the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover and Ground Water Using MODIS Satellite Images and ANN

Horticultural products irrigated with treated sewage: are they acceptable?

Chemical Composition and Antibacterial and Anti-biofilm Activity of Acetone Extract of Pistacia atlantica Leaf, Fruit, and Gall

Improving the Identification and Prioritization of the Most Important Risks of Safety Equipment in FMEA with a Hybrid Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Technique

Encouraging Creative Deviation by Authoritarian Leaders via Empowering Employees

Assessing the effectiveness of ketorolac in pain management of traumatic injuries in prehospital emergency care services

Accurate and rapid detection of Fasciola hepatica copro‐DNA in sheep using loop‐mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technique

Thermochemical investigation of the oil shale from the Early Cretaceous Garau Formation, Lorestan, SW Iran: Preliminary TGA-FTIR results

A novel hybrid of support vector regression and metaheuristic algorithms for groundwater spring potential mapping.

Prevalence and Early Detection of Hypodermosis in Goats using a Competitive ELISA System in Lorestan, Iran.

Analysis of the Settlement Pattern of Historical Sites in Rumeshgan County, Lorestan Province

Evaluating the production efficiency, purity and chemical compounds of the Vicia ervilia protein isolates produced by different methods of extraction

Development of an indirect ELISA based on whole cell Brucella abortus S99 lysates for detection of IgM anti-Brucella antibodies in human serum.

Mapping desertification potential using life cycle assessment method: a case study in Lorestan Province, Iran

Primary preventive interventions on traffic accidents among males: A review on the literature during 2009-2019 in Iran

Risk Assessment of Crisis Management in Response to Natural Disasters with an Emphasis on Earthquakes

The Spectrum of α-Thalassemia Mutations in the Lak Population of Iran

Additional records of the tropical nest fly, Passeromyia heterochaeta Villeneuve, 1915 (Diptera: Muscidae) from western Iran supported by DNA barcoding

The Identification of Chaghalvandi area flora in the central Zagros

Predictors of mammography based on Health Belief Model in Khorramabad women

Molecular detection of Coxiella (Gammaproteobacteria: Coxiellaceae) in Argas persicus and Alveonasus canestrinii (Acari: Argasidae) from Iran.

GIS-Based Groundwater Potential Mapping in Khorramabad in Lorestan, Iran, using Frequency Ratio (FR) and Weights of Evidence (WoE) Models

Investigation on Zagros forests cover changes under the recent droughts using satellite imagery.

A new species of Notallus (Acari: Eriophyidae) on Lamiaceae from Iran

Contribution to the knowledge of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) of Iran

Effect of new resistance inducers on grapevine phytoplasma disease

The designing structural model of relationships between psychological empowerment and self-regulating with teachers job performance

First mammal fossil locality from the late Miocene of Zagros, western Iran

Biodiversity study of endophytic fungi associated with two Quercus species in Iran

The Determination of Flavonoid Components, Total Phenolic Content, and Antioxidant Capacity in Dog Rose (Rosa canina L.) in Lorestan Province

Onobrychis garinensis (Hedysareae, Fabaceae), a new species from Iran

Evaluation of Various Rosa Damascena Mill. Genotypes Grown under Rainfed Semi-arid Condition

Spatio-temporal analysis and prediction of landscape patterns and change processes in the Central Zagros region, Iran

Effect of Empowerment on Self-Efficacy of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (A Clinical Trial Study)

Seroepidemiological study of Q fever, brucellosis and tularemia in butchers and slaughterhouses workers in Lorestan, western of Iran.

Multi-hazard probability assessment and mapping in Iran.

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Dust‐Bound Trace Metal Elements around Kuhdasht Watershed Area in Iran

Application of Climate Projections and Monte Carlo Approach for Assessment of Future River Flow: Khorramabad River Basin, Iran

Seromolecular assess of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women and neonatal umbilical cord blood

Molecular identification of Andricus species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) inducing various oak galls in Central Zagros of Iran

An Estimate of Radiation Dose to the Lens of the Eyes, Parotid Gland, and Thyroid Gland in Dental Panoramic Radiography

Prediction of tunnelling impact on flow rates of adjacent extraction water wells

Density separation of soil organic matter across three land uses in calcareous soils of Iran

Occurrence of Tetratrichomonas gallinarum (Trichomonadida: Trichomonadidae) in chicken feces from Lorestan Province, Western Iran

Monitoring the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover and Groundwater Using MODIS Satellite Images and ANN

Study on predatory mites of Aceria tristriatus (Nalepa, 1890) from Hamedan and Lorestan provinces, Western Iran

New pseudoscorpion records (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) from Lorestan province, western Iran, with redescriptions of Olpium lindbergi (Olpiidae) and Geogarypus shulovi (Geogarypidae)

Role of Phragmites Australis for Biomonitoring and Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Pollution in Badavar River, Lorestan Province (Iran)

Evaluating the Components of Environmental Quality of Health in Rural Areas (Case Study: Lorestan province- Iran)

A new record of Ornithodoros (Pavlovskyella) verrucosus (Acari: Argasidae) from a porcupine burrow in western Iran

Identification, Assessment and Raking of Geomorphosites: A Guide to Sustainable Tourism Development. Case Study of Khorramabad County in Iran

Prevalence and associated risk factors of Cystoisospora belli and Cyclospora cayetanensis infection among Iranian patients with colorectal cancer

Frequency and genetic diversity of Blastocystis subtypes among patients attending to health centers in Mazandaran, northern Iran

Nurses’ Viewpoints on Implementation of Continuing Education Programs at Hospitals

A new species of the genus Aegyptobia (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from Lorestan province, Iran

Shape Effect of Fractures on Intensity and Density of Discreet Fracture Networks

Association of FOXP3 gene polymorphisms with risk of preeclampsia in Lur population of Iran

English teachers’ job satisfaction: Assessing contributions of the iranian school organizational climate in a mixed methods study

The effectiveness of positive thinking training on self-efficacy and emotion regulation in men with hemophilia

A new species and a new record of the genus Scymbalopsis (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae: Paederini)

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