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Reduced neural responsiveness to looming stimuli is associated with increased aggression

Threat Responsiveness as a Function of Cannabis and Alcohol Use Disorder Severity.

Climate change during the COVID-19 outbreak: scoping future perspectives

COVID-19 and oncological disease.

The Energy-saving Measurements of On-land Transportation in Taiwan: An Advanced Study

Male courtship song drives escape responses that are suppressed for successful mating

Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Deepfake Videos

India’s Interplay with Liberal International Order: Potentials and Constraints

Mobile Device Threat: Malware

Leadership for a climate resilient, net-zero health system: Transforming supply chains to the circular economy

Rome to Milan, AMD Continues Its Tour of Italy

Covert Cognizance: A Novel Predictive Modeling Paradigm

Climate Imperialism: Ecocriticism, Postcolonialism, and Global Climate Change

Life-history predicts global population responses to the weather in the terrestrial mammals

COVID-19 pandemic—Environmental perspective of COVID-19 and a primer for all of us

A Broader View of Risk to Health Care Workers: Perspectives on Supporting Vulnerable Health Care Professional Households During COVID-19

Laws and Methods for Mitigating Terrorism and Mass Violence

Early Nephrologist Performance in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System: Both Reassurance and Reason for Concern

Handbook of invasive plant-parasitic nematodes

Contemporary International Legal Regime For Environmental Protection During Armed Conflicts

Ethical, Regulatory and Market related aspects of Deploying Triple Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies for Malaria treatment in Africa: A study protocol.

Descriptive epidemiology of COVID-19 deaths during the first wave of pandemic in India - a single center experience

Clinical drug therapies and biologicals currently used or in clinical trial to treat COVID-19

Less is more: Optimising the biocementation of coastal sands by reducing influent urea through response surface method

Antibiotic Adjuvant Activity Revealed in a Photoaffinity Approach to Determine the Molecular Target of Antipyocyanin Compounds.

Out of fright, out of mind: impaired memory for information negated during looming threat

Two million deaths and no accountability – an insane mistake of Einsteinian proportions

Fatty acid modified-antimicrobial peptide analogues with potent antimicrobial activity and topical therapeutic efficacy against Staphylococcus hyicus.

Methodology and challenges of fire following earthquake analysis: an urban community study considering water and transportation networks

Policy Dialogue: The Problems and Promises of Higher Education in the United States

Preventing the Next Financial Failure Post–COVID–19

Mobile labour: an introduction

Dark Networks and Pathogens Undermining Democracies: Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain

India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir dispute: unpacking the dynamics of a South Asian frozen conflict

Energy Saving Solution for Air Conditioning Systems

Adaptation Policy Framework for Climate Change Impacts on Transportation Sector in Developing Countries

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Emerging Analytical Techniques for Rapid Pathogen Identification and Susceptibility Testing.

When is it time to leave a PhD program

“Story with an Hypothesis”: women and war in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s forgotten short story

Broadly protective influenza vaccines: design and production platforms.

The alarming antimicrobial resistance in ESKAPEE pathogens: Can essential oils come to the rescue?

Visualizing Inequality: The Spatial Politics of Revolution Depicted in Syrian Television Drama

From Theory to Practice to Problem: Teaching Public History with a Real Client

The Global Ascendency of OXA-48-Type Carbapenemases

Determinants of Consumer Intentions to Purchase Energy-Saving Household Products in Pakistan

Violent Feelings at Scale: Body, Affect, Public

Handbook of Hydrometeorological Ensemble Forecasting

The Appellate Body of the WTO: An International Court by Another Name

Priorities for Preventive Action: Explaining Americans’ Divergent Reactions to 100 Public Risks

Frontier injustice: the American threat to Canada’s drug supply

Comparative Tn-Seq reveals common daptomycin resistance determinants in Staphylococcus aureus despite strain-dependent differences in essentiality of shared cell envelope genes

The age of surveillance capitalism: the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power

Infectious Disease Threats in the Twenty-First Century: Strengthening the Global Response

When Women Study Men: Gendered Implications for Qualitative Research

Writing and The Politics of Race

Investigation of the Thermal Performance of a Wavy Channel Liquid Cooling System for Electric Vehicle Batteries using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Gbagbo’s lost bet: when inviting external judicial scrutiny backfires

Enhancement of autophagy as a strategy for development of new DNA vaccine candidates against Japanese encephalitis.

Combining solar irradiation with chlorination enhances the photochemical decomposition of microcystin-LR.

Evaluation of Animal Rabies Surveillance System, Ekiti State, Nigeria, 2012-2017

Elastic Wrapping of Lower Extremity Free Flaps during Dangling Improves Microcirculation and Reduces Pain as well as Edema.

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Looming Threat 다가오는 위협

Looming Threat 다가오는 위협
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